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但要英文的 大概要講2分鐘左右





盡量可以簡單一點 因為這要背起來

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    Could I say the opinion after reading a book.

    Opinion: I have read a book called "Dr. Jekyll and Mr hyde". Dr.

    Jekyll is an upright physician and Mr.hyde is a bad man. Actually, they are a man. Mr. Jekyll had drunk some medicine and turns to Hyde and he did some illegal matter. This matter occurring in Mr. Henry Jekyll is really a tragedy. A friendly physician shouldn’t be changed to Mr. Edward Hyde. In fact, it is due to the medicines which are invented by Mr. Henry Jekyll. He turned into Mr. Edward Hyde because he wanted to leave off in his career of crime. From my point of view, Beauty is only skin-deep. We should beware of everyone. “To harm anyone should not have, defenses cannot do without”. We shouldn’t hurt everyone. I quite hate this doctor. However, this book really impresses me a lot. If I am free, I would recommend this book to my best friends.

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