Ashley Benson as Lissa, Vampire Academy?

when i read all the books the first actor that came into my mind that reminded me of Lissa was Ashley Benson...what do you think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmm...nice choice! She seems to have that innocent look, which is vital in playing Lissa. But the There's this one picture of Emilie de Ravin, which really suits. Only that one pic though. Here's the link, if you want:

    But the thing with choosing actors that look like book characters is that they sometimes only suit when they have that one facial expression, not to mention the fact that some actors would never be able to act like them. If they ever made a movie of VA (!!!) then I think they should get a newbie.

    But yeah, interesting question! I like Ashley Benson as Lissa! I wonder who'd be a good one for Rose?

    Hope I helped! XD

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