Do you believe in "other half"? If not, then why do we feel incomplete?

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    Feeling complete is something that you do for yourself. Either your job or personal life is missing something. NOBODY can fill that void. It's a mistake that many people make and movies and songs perpetuate.

    Ask yourself the following.

    1. Is your job YOU? Now many people think that "hey it's a job, nobody LOVES their job, it's something you have to do to earn money." WRONG. You should feel challenged and at the same time fullfilled when you meet that challenge. Even the guy that picks up your garbage feels some sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. If you don't, then you are in the wrong job. Just because you have the training for that job (and maybe even if you are really good at that job) doesn't mean that it is the job for you. The old question, "If you had a million dollars, what would you do for a living?" still holds true. If you could be ANYTHING, what would you do. When I retired from the Navy I asked myself that question. I had three things I would do. I ended up becoming a Fireman. Hey you work 10 days a month, you run into burning buildings, and people really appriciate it when you pull them out of the burning building. I really love my job.

    2. If your job is great, then you need to look at your home life. Do you live where you want to live? I know that this one is limited by the type of job you have, the state you live in, etc. However if you don't love where you live, then that isn't good. I have an aunt that always wanted to live in Hawaii. She could care less what she did for money. So one day she packed her bags and moved to Mauii. No job waiting, didn't know anybody. A month later she got a job as a caretaker for some lady that owned a "Magnum P.I." style estate, and she loves her life. Now you don't have to make that big of a move, but maybe you live in an apartment and you always wanted the house with the white picket fence, well then make the move. Don't say "some day." do it now!

    3. Do you have something to come home to? By that I mean an interest besides the T.V.

    A.) Women are more attracted to men that have an intense interest. That's why the guys that are into Jazz do so well with women. (seriously have you ever met a guy that just "Liked" Jazz. They all seem to be nuts for the stuff.)

    B.) If you think that "one day" you'll get into cabinet making or working on old cars, then guess what, it will never happen. Do it now.

    C.) Nothing drains your soul like coming home opening a beer and turning on the T.V. (or computer)

    If your a kinda into sports, then go to a game instead of watching it on T.V. Hell go alone if nobody wants to go with you. If you like bike riding, then go on TRIP to go biking on the weekends instead of hangin out in your same old neighborhood. Take classes and learn about art or history or whatever you like learning about. Trust me having a hobby or outside interest will only enhance your life.

    As to filling a whole inside by finding "Mrs. Right" forget about it. Mrs. Right is married to Mr. Right. There is no such thing as "The perfect woman." All women are crazy, you just have to find the crazy you're willing to put up with.

    Addendum: You won't find a great girl at the bar.

    If she over thirty five and has never been married, then there is probably something seriously wrong. (teh reverse is true as well, so if you have never been married and you are over 35 then take a long (and often painful) look and find out why. I had to do the same thing).

    If you have been looking and haven't found the right girl, then you ARE looking in the wrong place. Maybe a move is in order. I used to live in California, I had the worst luck dating, then I moved to Florida, and WOW what a difference. I wish I had done it years ago.


    I hope some of this helps.

    Source(s): I'm old and I know stuff I got married when i was 40 and had a baby that same year. I started a new life when I was 38, making the changes I mentioned above.
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    Absolutely. I believe that people are made like batches of cookies. You have a dozen other people in the world that are made of the same stuff as you-people you'll get along with and have an understanding with-but that there is only one other half to your cookie...the person who perfectly completes everything about you. Unfortunately, I don't think many people find their absolutely perfect matches. It's a truly rare thing, and a blessing.

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    Life needs balance. In finding 'our better half' we eventually find this balance. It is, however, not necessary to have a better half to find this balance within ourselves.

    Many psychologists have addressed the concept of the “bisexual” nature of men and women. This means in each man there exists some feminine qualities and in each woman some masculine features.

    The ancient Taoists expressed this by the symbol of Yin-Yang. The masculine principle includes activity, decisiveness, direction, power, etc. The feminine side includes characteristics of nurturance, containment, patience, yielding, openness, etc.

    Some psychologists believe that the lack of healthy role models of masculinity and femininity in our formative years leads to difficulty integrating these features inside ourselves.

    Civilization has devalued the feminine side for centuries and this adds to the difficulty. A man who is not comfortable with his feminine side will inevitably have difficulty relating to a woman on a deep, meaningful level.

    Men have difficulty acknowledging and accepting their feelings. Men also fear emotionality in women. Women need to understand this difficulty without taking it personally or blaming.

    At the end of the day, when we are balanced, emotionally and spiritually, we are more inclined to live healthier lifestyles and are more comfortable giving or contributing to our community.

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    yes, i do. my wife's presence made my life so much more rewarding. my wife also made me very happy.

    our ability to be happy has a lot to do with having a woman you love and one who loves you just as much as you love her.

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