NICKI MINAJ. Does she really have talent?

Ok. There's A LOT of people sayin' she's GARBAGE, and MANY sayin she's SUPER TALENTED, and even sayin' she's one of tha best female MCs to ever do it (Drake). HONESTLY and PERSONALLY, I'm not a fan of hers, but when i hear her stuff played on the radio, i do take tha time to listen.It's cute. She's entertaining to me w/ her lil voices, so I do like her.I'm sure she writes her own stuff and them Pre written freestyles (and she ain't the only rapper who does that)!!! I STRONGLY BELIEVE that she isn't tha best female to do it. I dont think she's even close. There are a number a female rappers that would mopp tha FLO' w/ her.One like LAURYN HILL, one of my favs! just my OPINION! And this lil beef that she n Lil Kim got. SMH. I think Nicki Can be compared to her. Sheeeyit, the only difference is her style of rapping. Nicki is definitely an attraction to tha young folks! Her rhymes are just cute. But All in All, i think once you find out that u DONT like a new artist and think they're GARBAGE, don't listen to their music anymore! PLAIN & SIMPLE!

But what do you guys think about her? Is she better than Lil Kim?

Name your favorite female Mcs...

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  • 10 years ago
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    She talented and this coming someone who really can't stand people like SB, if that is what you like cool, but not my style.

    She can sing

    She can rap

    She is better than lil kim

    Nicki has made music about her life she has remixed alot of older songs and have done amazing on them and suprise me. she is better than lil kim because she has many flows and she raps about a bigger array of topics She entertains, but she can rap and has some good word play, and like I said she has alot of different flows. so she is the best out she better than trina, lil kim, and all the current mainstream artist. Now, she is nowhere near Lauryn or Jean, but she is good and can beat majority of the dudes in the game so she gets my respect. The people here don't like her and think she fake and whatever, and idc if you do like i said you have your opinions, but she is good and has proven herself to me enough to say she is the best female out now and is better than lil kim.

    Lauryn Hill is the best female Mc ever, then Mc Lyte, then Jean Grae, then Rah Diggah, Queen Latifah,

  • 4 years ago

    Gaga: I don't hate Gaga. I LOVE her, deflee a lot of talent Beyonce: She's washed up and kinda old school but she was talented back in the day. Rihanna: Love Rihanna deflee has talent =) Justin Beiber: I don't like him or his music. He's only famous because of his looks and childish voice Nicki Minaj: Her lyrics are kinda retarded but a lot of the time they flow and she can rhyme like its nobody's business. There's a lot of talent in her but I'm not really a fan of many of her songs. Now that I think about all these people at once, I think Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj should all do a song together! =)

  • 10 years ago

    Lauryn Hill is one of the best rappers I've ever heard PERIOD, man or woman. I'm not a fan of Nicki either. Most of the time her lyrics don't even make sense to me! They have no point whatsoever. It just sounds like ramblings in a london accent with effects on them. Thats it. She's a gimmick rapper. Fake butt, fake breast, fake teeth, fake hair, lol, she even raps in a fake voice! I think her career is a phase that will pass. And no she's not better than Kim. Kim makes sense.

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    10 years ago

    Well I Knw Shes Talented Yueh Should Listen To Her Sonqs More Theyy Are Really Kewl Ilove How She Raps Just Listen To Them. At First I Didnt Like Her Bt When I Started To listen To Her Sonqs I Really Liked Her!:) Tryy It

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  • 10 years ago

    She's wack...

    Lauryn Hill

    Jean Grae

    Ladybug Mecca

    Mc Lyte


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Left Eye is my favorite female MC.

  • 10 years ago

    YES SHE HAS TALENT i love nicki minaj because i think she is super entertaaing and has lots of metaphors and punchlines in her rapping and like the vocies and yea she says all the time she not a rapper she is a entertainer so she denfinatletly being what she says she wants to be. and yes i think she better than lil kim i think the only thing her and kim have in commom is the wigs beacuse the reason i dont really like kim is because she raped hardcore and about sex and nicki definatley raps comical playful silly and maybe one line sex line out a verse

    my favorites are nicki and missy cause they are both fun and interresting rappers

  • 10 years ago

    She just garbage to me. I don't care for her or her music. I just want to smash her. No she ain't better than Lil Kim.

    Trina is my favorite female MC.

  • 10 years ago

    best female MCs? PLEASE ! heII no.

    she is garbage to me.

    & if people can throw her crap in my face, i can throw my opinion in theirs. i don't just run around yelling that she sucks, but when asked i give my honest opinion. she uses her body and her bi-sexuality to bring in easy chicks and horny guys. as for the rest of the preteens, she uses a loud, fast-paced crazy beat. i've only liked two of her songs, one because it was sweet [ your love ] and one , i admit , because of the beat [ i get crazy , ] but the more i listen to it, the less i like it. matter of fact, i hardly like it anymore. i dont think anyone under the young money name [ at least, main stream ] has any kind of talent. they just have metaphors, attractive beats/melodies & some type of sexual plus to pull in hormonal teens.

    Source(s): lauryn hill & mc lyte.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i dont think shes better than lil kims shes okaii i guess and my favorites are luryne hill & eve

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