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How do you upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7?

I am looking to upgrade the software on my computer, but I just wanted to know the basics behind what will happen if I buy the Windows 7 disc and put it into my Vista. Will it wipe my computer? Will I need to back anything up? What processes does it go through to change the computer?

I was just interested in knowing what I am getting into before I actually go out and buy this expensive equipment.

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    You will have a choice to run it as an upgrade or a new install. You should always back up files before upgrading operating systems. If I recall, everything on your computer gets packaged up into a file called windows.old and this file will contain all of the stuff on your system if you elect to upgrade, but never count solely on this. Make your own off machine backup if you can.

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    First of all, as a Windows 7 user, I like it a whole lot better then I did Vista.

    Now, it will depend on what sort of install you are doing. If you are doing the windows upgrade, you don't need to do anything other then perhaps back up your files. It will keep all of your current data and you won't have to reinstall anything.

    If you are doing a clean install you will have to make copies of all your data, as your hard drive will be wiped. The advantage of doing a clean install is that there is less opportunity for something to be copied wrong, or some bugs to get through.

    I did the upgrade as I got a real steal on it, but there are a few small bugs that I have been too lazy to figure out, as they don't really seem to affect too much. That being said, I am not much of a computer techie.

    I hope this answers your question.

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    greater effective than likly you're transforming into to be a loose voucher coupon that publicizes loose improve to 7 between such and such months. Do what that publicizes and itll supply you with training. Now in the adventure that your desiring 2 issues. i assume you assert improve so sick enable you comprehend the least confusing way first purchase an improve disc to domicile windows 7 domicile top rate. looking on your equipment youll choose for the 32 or sixty 4 bit. Don not issue sixty 4 bit is roofed and so is 32 its a kit you get the two. Now insert it run it and enable it examine your comp. Then itll enable you comprehend what to do from there hassle-free. The disc is one hundred twenty greenbacks decision 2 Scew each and everything hp positioned on there and set up a clean os working equipment. Bam clean clean no utility yet an os no not something. THats the entire set up disc not improve this is 200 greenbacks On a factor be conscious Hp doesnt help domicile windows 7

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    the best way to do it (in my opinion) is to copy all your important data onto a flash drive or external drive and wipe your hard drive but you can do a simple upgrade which will leave all your data intact and most of your programs should still work with no effort

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    Right click on my computer and click on properties. It will show you all of the available upgrades for you. And it will explain the process.

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