Are there really lots of great paying jobs in the Gulf of Mexico?

I see on the internet they need workers in Flordia to clean up the oil spill............some information is claiming big bucks ! 4oes anyone know if these opportunites are the real deal? &lso it is hot and very hunid right now along these Golf states..... Is work there going to be bearable?

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    10 years ago
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    Jobs in the oil industry have traditionally paid quite well, but the downside is that you may be away from your family for weeks or months at a time as the companies send you to remote oil drilling rigs where you'll be working 12-hour shifts. They pay well, but demand extensive frequent training and the willingness to go anywhere at anytime the company demands.

    Many of the clean-up jobs due to the ongoing BP debacle are shorter term, lower-paying jobs. Although they need quite a few people to help with clean-up efforts, understand that they also have a ready supply of workers because many people have been put out of work since the fire and explosion: fishermen can't fish the polluted waters and traditional oyster beds and the federal moratorium on drilling means that many of the laborers who worked the drilling rigs and support boats were idled, forcing some of them to take up temporary work cleaning the polluted areas.

    Yeah, they probably do still need more people, but I'd be a bit realistic about it and understand that it's not likely to be really big bucks nor any kind of long-term job prospects. But if you don't have a better prospect, why not go for it??

    Good luck!

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    Mexico can chain fire-breathing dragons along their side of the border and it would be fine by me. They're a sovereign nation, just like the United States. I don't care what happens south of the Rio Grande.

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    I would like to add that a lot of the job openings are for people with college education. My boyfriend's little brother recently graduated in engineering and he's looking into getting hired for a good job in Tabasco related to protecting the mexican oil plants from having similar disasters.

    For the majority of people that don't have a college education.. I hope you have good contacts and don't mind being paid minimum wage.

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