What happens if you do plagiarism?

Unfortunatley last week in my Uni Semester, i handed my essay, i got caught (stupid me i know)

but i was so busy with my other assignments, that i did not have no time to finish it.

Dose any1 know what happens next????

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    It depends on whether you're in high school or college, but either way, you'll probably fail the assignment (unless your teacher is really, really generous and offers to let you redo it for partial credit) and you may get detention or probation. If you try to sell plagiarized work you get sued, but it sounds like you're in school so it's not quite that grave. So you should always do your own work, even if your own work is crappy.

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    Unfortunately, I'm only a junior in High School so I don't know how much help I will be answering a question like this.

    But my AVID teacher pounded this into our heads. Do not plagiarize. Ever. It's stealing, it's wrong. And word around the watercooler is that they can kick you out of school because of it. PLUS, that stays on transcripts so other schools will see it. (I think that's just college though.) In high school, I got a big, fat zero on an assignment that I copied and pasted a paragraph into. That was a bust.

    What happens next? I think you should talk to your teacher/professor and ask them for an extension. Or a few more days to redo the assignment.. in YOUR OWN words.

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    In college they usually kick you out of the school and sometimes even go so far as to press charges depending on the severity. Sometimes, if it's only a short paragraph or two and you have a clean past the teacher will be nice and only fail you for the class.

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    you will definitely fail the course or at least the assignment, and depending on how strict your school is you may be suspended. And if you are in college, you may be turned down from some majors because of this one time (like pharmacy) because they can't trust you to be honest.

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    Well, it depends on where you go to school. Some schools will give you a failing grade for that course, but some smaller, private schools may even expel you, sorry to say. If that happens you should definitely try to uphold that decision and fight (and plead) against it.

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    You can get in huge trouble for plagiarism. I don't know what your school's rules are, but I've heard stories about people failing classes and being put on academic probation.

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    At brilliant fail the module at worst you may ought to leave the uni. Plagiarism is taken very very heavily certainly. likely the worst subject you may do at uni. 2 counts will be taken very heavily!

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    Well, plagiarism is illegal, so you might get arrested unless your prof. doesn't say anything about it and makes you redo it. Or you might just get fined and move on in life.

    I hope that helps. =)

  • j3
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    1 decade ago

    You can get kicked out of your school and possibly have charges pressed against you

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