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At what point will we need illegal immigrants to clean the Gulf of Mexico?

Huh? Well at least maybe BP can pay them to clean up their side of the ocean. Not to many people are willing to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work that made America great. It was Chinese immigrants that help build the railroad. And it was Immigrants that help make New York one of the best ports there is. Even slaves help build the south.


Think about it if BP pays Mexicans to at least clean up their side it would reduce illegal crossings

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    I think that if labor needs to be in place for the oil clean up were need to start with the unemployed oil workers and others of the southern states. As for illegal immigrants, what part of illegal do you not understand? No one hates them but illegal acts is not the way to becoming endeared to a people.

    So only Chinese people worked on the early railroads? Get an education would ya?

    Why are so many loose-minded liberal non-thinkers (uneducated?) so quick to point out slavery? What about the Africans that hold other Africans slaves today on the continent? What about all the slaves in the Middle East, past and present. Do you realize the word slave derives from the Slavic people of Eastern Europe who were held slaves by Islamic people's in Hungry and other nations? Slaves are no new to the Americas nor is slavery an only "whites" club deal either. Plenty of blacks and browns have had there share of slaves too.

    Follow the links for a more through education on the subject matter.

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    Obama's working on a plan that will allow the Taliban to come over and light it on fire. It could increase our diplomatic relations with a group of people that need somewhere to terrorize.

    They've said nothing about bringing explosives or opiates with them, and Obama has assured them that his administration is doing everything they can to keep them from feeling the oppression and blame from white American males.

    The talks take us a step closer to an ability to guarantee any alien, illegal or otherwise, to be aloud to come to America with full rights of citizenship by simply crossing our boarders, and a new proposal is on the board to force white American males to learn Pashto as a second language.

    They, in turn, will be blamed with terrorism in the Taliban's stead.

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    Forget about "cleaning up" the oil.

    First, they need to STOP the oil from spewing out like an erupting volcano.

    For that I think it would be a good idea to have Rush Limpbaugh (aka. Fat Bastard) to go down there and sit his fat @ss on the blown-out pipe!

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    10 years ago

    If your lord and savior Barack Obama had implemented the burn plan on day one, and accepted the siphoning equipment from the dutch and the British there wouldn't be much to clean up.

    This administration is a disaster there is no other way to spin it.

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    reaction to Q. a million - it is only yet another indication of the shortcoming of a suited reaction that voters are starting to be to be from those in authority these days. No excuse is suitable for non-enforcement of rules from our regulation-enforcement companies. in the event that they lower back far off from imposing rules this is in many circumstances because of the fact political enormous wigs on the suited have informed them to lower back off. And if the political enormous wigs are shying far off from a controversy, this is in many circumstances because of the fact enormous employer has entreated them to attain this. many vast companies do no longer want stress exerted on the community unlawful populations - they want for them to stay interior the section to be exploited....... reaction to Q. 2 - because of the fact our colleges obtain investment in accordance to the quantity of scholars enrolled in each and every college device. our college platforms get lots in line with head - no longer count what their criminal status or nationality. colleges will sign up 2-legged horses - as long as they get moola for doing so............ reaction to Q. 3 - in many of the unlawful immigrant's countries receiving low wages for long, annoying hours of artwork is the norm. it somewhat is not the norm for human beings to artwork for below a residing salary. human beings who might take unlawful's jobs at low pay stages may well be stigmatized and asked the place their brains went? No American ought to be exploited. this is between the main substantial motives that the yank Revolution handed off. American workers shouldn't would desire to sell themselves affordably - yet some would would desire to long as we enable unfair opposition to flow into our country.......... reaction to Q. 4 - See reaction to Q. a million.

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    *Sigh* more liberal insanity. How about we send them to your home also? They can clean your home, tend to your garden (if you have one), mow your lawn and whatever chores you won't do yourself? In return you can give them absolute sovereignty of your home and provide social security, food, education and whatever "free entitlements" they demand. Deal? Just asking you to live what you say you believe in. Deal?

    Intentional ignorance of the truth = liberal insanity.

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    10 years ago

    Great idea!

    And we could pay them a lower wage and not collect social security from them. They wouldn't have children, would they?

    But wait, who would replace them as a scapegoat for all of America's domestic problems?

    Bad idea.....

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    10 years ago

    they might be using them now because Your president doesn't seem to know what country hes president of

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    10 years ago

    Not necessarily.

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    10 years ago

    I don't see Obama's aunt down there helping.

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