What's your opinion on this. Please answer!! 10 points to the best!?

Ok... so there is this boy I like. He goes to the youth group that I have started going to.

I have his cell number, and we have texted one day. He knows that somebody at the church likes him, but he just doesn't know its me.

We had VBS this past week and he was there one day. I think he finally may be starting to notice me because everytme we were in the same room he would stare at me.

BUT... he has brother... who is two years older than me. And I possibly think he could like me... and I think I could possibly be falling for him! It's like everytime I'm just standing around talking with my friends he has to come and stand RIGHT next to me... it's kinda like that too close for my comfort feeling. He's really sweet though, and always makes the attempt to talk to me.

Also, on facebook. I liked one of his statuses, that said.. "like this and I will write something nice about you."

So when he wrote on my wall he was like, "well I don't know you too well but i totally think you are a very sweet girl."

So anywho.... I'm toally confused. My sister tells me that when you can talk to a guy comfortably you know he's a good one. lol.

And that's how I feel about the older brother... I can just like talk to him no problem...

Sooo do you think he could like me?

I need advice!! PLEASE!

Thanks bunches!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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