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Are these good reasons to join the Army?

Alright, I know this is kind of a stupid question, but I'd like some (constructive) input anyways. I really really want to join the Army. However, I honestly have no interest in serving my country. I know that sounds awful and its not like I have any aversion to it; I know it's a very honorable thing to do. I've just never been the salute the flag, all hail the president type. It's just not me.

I have developed an interest in joining the US army though. I feel like my life isn't really going anywhere. I've dropped out of college twice, both times because I lost interest in my classes although the degrees were in things I really wanted to pursue. I'm now interested in becoming a cop but I know I won't have the motivation to do through all the education.

I want to join the army because I want to get in shape, both mentally and physically. I'm about 25 or so pounds overweight and have been what could be considered a couch potato most of my life.

But more than that, I'm lazy and exhausted most of the time. I have no motivation to do anything that might better myself. I work an ok job in retail but it's only part time, I'm not going to school, I still live with my parents and I just really don't want to be working this job and stuck in this rut my whole life.

I'm only 20 years old and I'm already headed in a bad direction. I'm smart and I know I could make myself into something if I only had the motivation. So I guess my questions is, do you think I should join the army to get my life back on track??


Beezybop- That's the whole point. I know I'll HAVE to stay in, I can't just quit. I'll have to stick it through to the end, something I've never really done before.

Update 2:

How dare you say I've had poor parenting and a bad upbringing? I was asking for input on joining the army, not to be judged by people who know nothing about me. And I'm sorry I'm not obsessive about serving my country, not everyone can be a flag worshipping conservative. Lucky for me I was raised to respect even the things I don't believe in. Can you say the same?

Clearly I am not flippant about my "failure". If I was, why would I be working to turn my life around?

Stop answering the question if you're going to be judgemental and unhelpful.

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    Consider this - while the Army can provide many opportunities to improve you as a person, it is still up to YOU to make the most of those opportunities. That you say you are lazy and unmotivated...understand this will not necessarily change just because you join the Army. I've served with many lazy unmotivated people...the Army did nothing to change their attitudes or work ethic. They may have gotten into shape during BCT and AIT, but now that they are out of that environment they no longer exercise and now cannot pass their physical fitness tests, nor do they meet height weight standards (thus will probably end up getting kicked out for failure to meet standards).

    I'm not saying this to discourage you. Just want you to understand that the Army doesn't have a magic wand that will make you into the person you want to be. You are in charge of that...the Army can help but it's not the total answer.

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    Reasons To Join The Army

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Are these good reasons to join the Army?

    Alright, I know this is kind of a stupid question, but I'd like some (constructive) input anyways. I really really want to join the Army. However, I honestly have no interest in serving my country. I know that sounds awful and its not like I have any aversion to it; I know it's a very...

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    Im sorry that some people don't take you seriously, but have no fear "I understand"

    I too am thinking about military. I'm twenty years old and don't have much motivation, I was recently fired from my current job and my job search is currently unsuccessful.

    What we have to realize is that we're "only" 20, and have to look at our life in the grand scale. What do you want to be able to say about yourself when your 40 years old that you did when you were a young whiper snapper. In my case I don't want to think about what I'm doing now; sitting here jobless around the house all day, for weeks on end hoping I get a call back.

    Look sweety, we don't have famous mommy's and daddy's and the glory of having success knocking at our door, so we either find a way up or take a hand where it's given. I don't have Hollywood friends or a talent that I can get paid for quite yet so I either need to keep looking or take a hand that's not moving "The Army".

    I'm no better than you but in your case I would advice starting small. Maybe taking a walk a couple days a week, telling yourself "I can do this" about things you don't necessarily enjoy doing but things around the house that need to be done. Baby steps are the key to anything in life. Think of small things to do to motivate yourself, take that thought and think even smaller, build up your confidence.

    I hope I helped.

    Oh and if your ever scared or fearful of the army's tactics, let this quote be with you, I will to.

    "Nothing worth doing is ever easy"

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    My father joined the Air Force a week before he turned 26 (which was the cut-off age then) mainly because he was laid off from his job in construction, and my mom was pregnant with me. He served 20 years and now still works for them as civil service.

    I don't think that any positive reason is a wrong reason, just as long as you know what it is you're getting into, and what the consequences are if you decide a ways in if you want to quit.

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    part of the way you phrased this disgusts me... it's like you're so flippant about how you've been a failure at everything your whole life, you don't love your country, and you're joining the military, risking your life, committing 4-8 years of your life to a cause you don't believe in... all so you can say you followed something through. It's disgusting.

    The other part of me totally identifies with you... I dropped out of college, I am a lazy, unmotivated 21 year old who has taken to the bars more than i should... and yet I still believe in the military, my country, and I currently hold 2 jobs, and live on my own, so I know I can complete something I attempt.

    I don't know if the military is for you... I think maybe you should look into therapy. i don't mean this in a derogatory way... but if you're joining because your self-esteem makes you feel like a failure with no direction, maybe you should speak to someone. At least... talk to them about this idea. A professional, not your mom.

    Explain to them your past, how you feel at present, and ask their opinion on the matter. You might be surprised to discover the underlying reasons behind your lack of motivation.

    if not, then by all means, join. You will hate it if you go in with teh reasons you ahve right now, though. Just a fair warning.

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    No, do not join the Army. The Armed Forces need motivated people, not people that will require a consummate amount of 'training' (as in, to get motivated). I recommend you get a job in construction or a laboring job. You will either learn to like physical labor, or will develop the motivation to study something long enough to achieve your objectives. Oh, you're right about your questions being stupid.

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    It sound like you got nothing go in on in your life, that you feel the need to do something to make your self think hey at least am do in something in my life that is taking me somewhere or to proof your self wrong against your couch potato stereotype.

    Well i say that you first think of all the things you want to do before go in to the army and if you complete them all and cant think of anything else that gets you excited then star thinking of joining the army and what you want out of it (or) imagine what your life would be like after serving in the army.

    P.S. A was in the same situation a few years ago

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    Reading what you wrote it would be the worse decision of your life. if you are unmotivated and lazy all we can do is make you an in shape and well groomed lazy and unmotivated person. We can;t change 18 years of bad parenting and upbringing.

    And remember the military isn't like college or a regular can't simply quit when you become bored or unmotivated. And those feelings usually manifest themselves in disciplinary problems. What wouldn't even get you a second glance in the civilian world will get you punished in the military.

    Bottom line if you couldn't hack college the military will kick your a$$.

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      laziness and motivation problems is in part genetic from birth and generally associated with higher intelligence. i had a pretty bad but very motivated childhood, and i was lazy as **** the entire time fighting the impulse and only the last few years that i have no responsibilities im a lazy b@$t@rd

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    I think it is very great that you want to join, but if you join you have to stay in. You can't just lose interest and quit. I think you should do something that you are interested in, that you won't lose interest in.(: good luck.

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