prob cold water pipe on washing machine?

hi there is a tiny hole on my cold water pipe on the washing machine, as small as a pin hole its squirting water someone was meant tp replace the pipe for me today but did not turn up, is there anything i can do as a temp fix so i can use the machine. thank you


hi i have a new hose already. ust that washing machine broke down so washing got behinde, then got a new one fitted now cold water pipe has the hole. cant do it myself as heavly preg ust wanted something to get me over the weekend. so i cant at least get some clean clothes.

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  • John M
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    10 years ago
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    Go to the hardware store and get a package of epoxy pipe repair tape.

    You take a piece of the tape cut it to the size needed. Pull it to slightly

    stretch it .This activates the epoxy hardener. This will seal the pipe

    temporaily. Another way is to turn off the water,get a roll of electrical

    tape that is the black vinyl type.Dry the pipe surface. Then wrap the

    area of the leak tightly overlapping the tape twice. Once this done

    wrap a layer of Grey Duct tape over the electrical Tape twice tightly

    smoothing out the bubbles as you go. This should hold long enough

    for your plumber to fix your supply line.

  • 10 years ago

    Hi Apparently there is a new putty on the market (a JML product) that should solve your problem. Forgot the exact name of it but Wilkinson, and other leading DIY stores sell it. It costs about £12-15 but it has multiple uses so should be handy to have in the home. You will only need a small amount. My only caution would be to check the putty repair will withstand the water pressure once you switch the machine on, but my memory tells me its one of the selling points of this "wonder" fixit product.

    Hope your not leaking for too long.



  • 4 years ago

    some of those y connectors are only plastic and tend to crack and leak. make sure you use a metal one and use the teflon tape on the spigot threads. either that or plumbers pipe joint compound. comes in a can with a brush. you apply it to the threads on all the threads inside and out. makke sure all the female ends have washers in them, like someone else has suggested. make sure they're tightend with a wrench, but not too tight. good luck to ya

  • 10 years ago

    Buy a new hose. Its cheaper than the repairs suggested and its not that difficult to fit.

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