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Why is Secretary of State.Mrs.Clinton planning to sue Arizona over its new immigration law?

Aren't new state laws reviewed,before being implemented & enforced?,hence Mrs.Clinton said the legality of the new law is in big question,due to the fact that non illegal American citizens & legal permanent residents who are of a specific ethnic orgin or ancestry might be wrongly executed.

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    She is a filthy polititian thats why

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    Wow, I didn't hear all that, just the part that they would be challenging the law. The fact is that the Federal law is stiffer than Arizona's Law. THey were careful to create their's in a mirror to the federal with some of the rough corners polished a little better. The issue is to spur our inactive Federal govenment into doing something. Did you notice our oil spill 2 months ago?. Obama just appointed hiis old philosophy club from haarvard as a panel to discuss the spill and possible reactions to it , this week. A real president would have already had the problem under control

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    There are two agendas at odds with eachother here. Hillary Clinton is 'for' the New World Order whereas Brewer is 'against' it. You see, economic policies such as Nafta are what drive people from South of the Border up north. Many of these people were farmers and other kinds of laborers in Mexico. They lost subsidies that their governments granted them and it was all a downward spiral. The United States, under 'liberal' leadership...promoted these agreements. It is all part of a plan to erase borders. It is not the fault of the impoverished Mexican people who would have gladly stayed in their own country. So, because Clinton is a promoter of the ultimate One World government...she will argue against Arizona. Personally, I say blame the politicians and stop attacking the victims...Mexicans.

    Source(s): Tired of seeing angry, red faced mobs of uneducated white people attacking people of a different color for policies that people of their race created.
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    I think you mean persecuted. But because our central gov does not want to take care of the problem and this is something that will make her look better to the illegals that they are trying to give voting rights to. It will just be a benefit to her campaign. Not what is best for the country though.

    Damn Italians, of course my name also ends in a vowel. Gotta love the dagos, not a day go by I don't remember my heritage is part Italian. Am I a Italian American. Nope I am a native American with Italian heritage, I was born here and no where else.

    Political correctness will be part of the down fall of man. {woman to}

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    Because Obama has very strong feelings against it and she is her go-to person to get the word out there. It's all politics, and very little respect to law or precedent. Obama is wielding his power, and is using Clinton to front for him.

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