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What cookware should I buy?

I need new cookware. I want to buy a good quality type but I have no idea what good quality cookware is. I’m more interested in efficiency over looks and I don't want to spend a fortune. My research is leading me toward heavy thick bottom aluminum. What do you like?

P.S. I have Cast iron and I like it. I'm looking for something lighter.

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    I recommend NOT buying a set

    Get a mix of pans that can handle various types of cooking

    Get a few stainless multiclad skillets

    Get a cast iron skillet

    Get a few non-stick (preferably with metal handles so that it can go stove top to oven). I replace mine every couple years for about 20 each

    A enameled cast iron dutch oven is great to have

    You need a 8 quart stainless for making pasta and things like that (can double as a stockpot even though 12 quarts is better for stock)

    You need a couple sauce pans (1 quart, 2 quart 3 quart)

    A carbon steel wok is great to have and very versatile.

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  • 10 years ago

    First, this is a great time to buy cookware sets. I've seen sales all over the place. (And back when the economy was good, if you were patient it was easy to nab good deals.). I have 2 sets, because I prefer both types for different types of cooking. One is 18/10 Stainless steel with glass lids and gold handles. I choose that set over others because I liked the design of the set. And if you go with the stainless, as long as you get 18/10 weight, there is NO reason to pay 300 and up for a set that will be identical to any other 18/10 set. Mine was $69. (retail on it was over 400 btw). My 2nd set is Hard Anodized Cookware. It came from Macy's and the price was similar. Both are great quality, I just prefer the different finishes for different cooking. Since the anodized has the non-stick coating on it, I prefer it for any dishes that won't require a super hot pan and where I'd like to use less oil. The stainless I like for steaks, high heat fast cooking and so on. I could go on and detail the differences if you like.

    But the key here is shopping around. I guarantee you can get an excellent quality set for what I paid or under. Shop the sales at Macy's. If you have have a Homegoods near you their clearance aisle is an excellent place. They are esp good if you want to buy some individual pans and mix and max versus one set. The pan I use the most didn't come from either set btw. It came from BJ's (btw the warehouses, BJ's, Costco, etc have GREAT deals sometimes and you can check out with any member if you don't belong.). It's an oversized non-stick chicken fryer w/lid. The great oversized pan makes it excellent for everything from frying to dishes you need to simmer for awhile ie Chicken Cacciatori to anything that you want to easily fit in one pan. If I had to, I could function with that one pan and a couple saucepans. (19.99, once hit a 9.99 one day sale but it was the only one time I saw them that cheap). Other good stores to check out are any overstock clearance stores (we have a chain of Building 19's here in New England and they always have great quality brand name pots and pans. It's where I got my stainless set), and any large stores with a kitchen section such as Linen's n Things etc. Between regular markdowns, open box returns and clearance sales they are always going on sale. The key is to look for the 18/10 weight if you get stainless (and a style you like) or good quality, Hard Anodized Cookware--I preferred ones you can put in the dishwasher--not all have that feature). Long as they have a thick, even bottom they will do a great job. Beyond that they are basically all the same and you are paying for brand names etc....a waste IMHO!

    So there are some reasonable, functional options. Both are lighter and far easier to deal with than cast iron. Hope this helps!

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  • 10 years ago

    I would recommend one of the stainless steel cookware sets from Sears. The Kenmore set is a wonderful one. I bought the 14 pc. and I love it. There is also a 10 pc. that is a little cheaper due to fewer items. I actually looked today (6-18) before answering your question, and the 10 pc is n sale for $79.88. The 14 pc. is also on sale for 149.98. I love the weight balance, and the silicone handles. When cooking on he stove top, the handles don't get quite so hot because of the silicone covering. Hope that helped.

    Source(s): Culinary grad.
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  • 10 years ago

    I have a set of Berndes that I'm very happy with. It's high quality cast aluminum. Berndes is a German manufacturer but like many products, you need to be careful which set you buy. Their best is made in Germany but they have a cheaper line made in China.

    Get the German set.

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  • 10 years ago

    ok well nothing like paper plates of course

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