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the arrival of islam and the following muslim [Arab] conquest, of entire middle-eastern region ? [details in?

what happened to the jewish people as a result of the conquest ? did some jewish people convert to islam ?

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    Yes some converted to Islam but in general Jews were not affected by Muslim rule as a matter of fact Jews had their golden age under Muslim rule.

    And for your information through history Muslims saved Jews from cretin inhalation on again and again, but the Zionists will never admit that

    This is coming from a Jew.

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    There were at that time two major powers controlling the area

    what had helped the Muslims to liberate the middle east in total ,in short , as an example Israel is occupying west bank and Gaza ,suppose that Egypt wanted to liberate Gaza ,simply Egyptians has not to worry about fighting Palestinians ,they simply would fight the Israeli , then land is liberated , the same idea when Muslims send army to fight Romans ,they only worry about Romans ,the local Arabs who were in cities were on the Muslims side , so Muslim army did not really fought against the people inhibited the middle east because they were Arabs ,the Romans for instance when they are defeated they were not able to go back to Arabic cities or towns ,they had to go to the nearst place which they might have aid so they have to run away vast distances and suffer more losses

    the good example for that was Egypt , Egypt suffers from occupation so the Muslims army did not exceed 5000 . this army was good enough to conquer the Occupation in Egypt , Libya ,Tunisia ,Morocco Algeria Mauritania then they went to Spain

    Who were the people Joined this army and from where ,this is one question to search an answer

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    If some Jews had been forcibly converted to Islam by the marauding Muslim Arabs that is a different thing but Jews as such held fast to the anchor of their faith., maintaining their separate identify. However, as Jews spread all over the world did they tried as far as possible to ingratiate with the Muslims.Even the Jews who came to India were so thoroughly mixed with the local population in matters of food habits, clothing etc. that they could be identified only from t heir names which as far as possible they kept in accordance with their religious dictates. Their assimilation in the societies was so complete that in the 19490s one Miss Jerusha Reuben from Pandharpur(Dt.Solapur,Maharashtra) had stood first in MA. One of her sister Miss Diana married a Brahmin school teacher and assumed complete identity with the society she lived in.; The mutual goodwill among Jews and their neighbourers was so complete that when on the eve of the formation of Israel some Jew families living on Dimtimkar Road,Mumbai for generation made preparations for leaving India for Israel their Hindu and Muslim neighbourers were moved to tears.They almost fell at their feet imploring to stay on and tell them if these indigenous communities had in any way misbehaved with them and if so they would apologise and make amends. In fact, in the Coastal Region of Maharashtra the Jews took up the trade of expelling oil from seeds and they were locally known as such 'Tely=Oilman)Some of the earliest migrants to India mixed themselves so thoroughly with the locals in Maharashtra that they became the High Caste Brahmins(Kokanstha Brahmins) who ethnically also appear separate from the local people-fair complexion, very frugal in habits. The story goes that some dead bodies came flowing to the coast of Maharashtra and were infused with life by one of the incarnations of God Vishnu viz Parshuram who revived them and started these Kokanstha Brahmin families. This incarnation of God Vishnu is the family god of most Kokanstha Brahmins.

    Source(s): History of Maharashtra
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    Many converted, many were just allowed to keep practicing their religion, but both them and Christians had to pay a small tax, and in some cases wear clothing that distinguished them form Muslims. The Jews had already largely converted to Christianity, many in turn converted from that to Islam. This was because the bulk of people were poor, they couldn't afford to leave when Jews were banished.

    @michele- they most definitely were NOT murdered. Many welcomed the Muslims as liberators, Byzantium was no friend to the Jews. Many places the Muslims went, the Jews went as well. Perfect example, Spain under the caliphs. I'm not saying there wasn't persecution- notably under al-Hakim (who was nuts and once ordered the deaths of every dog in Egypt) but by and large Jews flourished under Muslim rule.

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    yes it was the mistake of jews people because they were not treating well within their own community. for example .JESUS was a jews and all Ibrahimians are jews also.actually 3 of them are from same father but with different mothers. thanks.

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    Most Jews stayed Jews, Jews and Christians were second class citizens dhimmi under Islam not treated well

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    JEWS/CHRISTIANS/MUSLIMS/they are 3 in one.BUT sorry to say ,they never learn to stay one.thanks.

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    some would have done but many would have been murdered....there seems to be an inherent hatred for judiasm built into the religion .....mohammed had his prejudices which have become entwined with the religion....

    the religion of peace does not always seem to be so peaceful towards non muslims....or in many parts of the world to other types of muslims

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