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life sucks..nothing is going well in life..?

i dunno why life sucks but it does..nothing has ever been good to me..i am 29 now and literally jobless..our business isnt working well..have taken a lotta loan agianst house..sufferring from slip disc..dun feel like working at all..only a miracle can save me..can any astrologer help..i am a male and my dob is 05/06/1981..tob is 05:05 am..pob is delhi..i have never worked in my life..what lies in my future..will i ever get a proper work which will keep me busy and happy..will i ever be rich...everrrrrrr....

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    Like I always say.. "When Life gives you Lemons, Add tequila !"


  • Judith
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    10 years ago

    Forget rich and think realistic. Life has different phases and you are obviously in a slump. Look for work so that you can earn enough to pay the bills. Consider yourself very fortunate if someday you are able to find work that you love; most people don't. Learn exercises which can help you with your herniated disc & learn what to avoid doing so as not to make it worse than it already is. I'm afraid that nothing I say can help you but I am sorry for the situation you are now in and I hope that your luck changes for the better in the very near future..

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    100% predestined. The reason is man proposes and GOD disposes. Each and every action of ours is predestined. The thing to understand is that we ourselves are the creators of our destiny through our own karmas (deeds) over various births that are given to us. We have been endowed with a faculty to opt between right and wrong action. If our deeds are sinful how can we hope to receive blessings? What we shall sow we shall reap is the true dictum of our destinies.Each and every moment is predestined.we might see some of our planning successful but that was also predestined.From the moment of conception to the birth and the whole journey of life till our last breath is cent percent destined. According to the New Testament, some are predestined for salvation and some are not. Predestination is about our final destination, not every thing we do.Romans 8:27-30 says we are predestined. The predestined is the life that we are actually living as a result of your past accumulated karmas in the past or previous births. Every single action has a matching reaction. Our life depends upon three things, i.e.,Fate,destiny, and freewill. Hinduism strongly believe that one's life is predetermined according to his 'karma'. These are your actions in the past many lives you led that keep returning to give you good or not good returns in your present life. Buddhism does not accept the concept of God. Only 'Karma' and resultant events in one's life. We can control anything within our framework. Hence God gave us freewill. ===== Trisha ======

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hmmm, life does suck, at times and it would suck more... if we allow it to.

    Have you seen a doctor for your slipped disc condition. i think it's something to treat seriously.

    Do you have a religion? Perhaps you could seek some spiritual encouragement and wisdom from there?

    Richness should NEVER just be measured monetarily. May you have a "life and heart loaded with love, peace and joy" (sounds cliche and yucky but that just came to mind. =))

    Peace be with you.

    PS: Everyone feels down at some point of life but if the roller coaster of life is forever down, then it's really not that "right".

    Source(s): My two cents worth
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i don't know what you're asking here...but you don't sound OK. i know what depression feels like, and it sucks. people tell you to look forward to your future, but you sometimes feel like the pain you're feeling isn't worth any future, no matter how good it is. if i were u, i'd go on a trip. maybe you can't afford that.... i would do something to shake things up and reinvent yourself, and find out what you really want in life. try to analyze your situation, and how you got there, and what happened, and where you want to go, and how you can do that. srry if im rambling or if im not helping....

    if u feel like u might be depressed, then u might need professional help. i did.

    good luck. :)

  • 10 years ago

    life is good but it depend on you. and what you make out of life, i am not an astrologer so let face fact, no matter what happened to you. don't put yourself down. you need to know 'if you tried once and fail please try again' and please i don't know what you believe but you need God in all you do because i was once in your shoe so i know what its means for everything to go bad. God lifted me if he can do it for me HE will do the same for you keep believing in him,

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Jack the sailor! You gave yourself that nickname? Shame on you! Get off your *** and PROVE you earned that nickname! Stop feeling so sorry for yourself! Hah, I know people a hell of a lot worse off than you and they aren't crying like you are! Jack the sailor my ***! A sailor gets on with it, and thats that!

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    success is depending on hard work not on sleeping , so work hard and enjoy your life without wife

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