How can i go to ISEF?

Recently, I've stumbled upon an article in a newspaper about ISEF (intel international science and engineering fair). I'm so amazed by it, and thought I could never stand a chance to be in it. Then I went to this science camp last week, and realized, omg i can still join it next year. I was super duper excited about it but.. I'm afraid of the competition. First I have to compete with the students in my school (MRSM in Malaysia), then the international level with other schools (MRSM). I really wanted to go to ISEF. But I'm scared I might not be good enough for this. I often get a B+ or A- for science, and I'm not the omg-she's-really-a-science-genius type of student. I won't tell you about my project because it's a surprise but basically it's about converting kinetic energy into electrical energy. Compared to other students in MRSM, I'm kind of good at speaking English, and I wasn't nervous during the presentation in science camp. Do I stand a chance to go ISEF? What should I do during the research? (I usually go blank when I wanted to start a research). About the professors, I could get help because my school is next to a engineering science college.

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  • 10 years ago
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    An A- or B+ isns't bad. All you can do is try. I don't know your project but do you best.

    A telegraph system is easy. I could help. I have done it before. A battery, some wire, some nails and a morse code.

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