The Best Way to Bring Your Blood Pressure Down Fast?

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I have uncontrollable high blood pressure. I am on several medications and nothing seems to work consistently. I am over weight and I smoke which I know I should not. I am asking more
Update : I am unable to exercise because my blood pressure is so high my doctor more
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I envy you. I'm only able to walk about 15 minutes. I have emphysema and am about 150 lbs overweight. But here's where I've got you beat - my blood pressure was only 120 / 70 just about a week ago, and 116 / 65 just over a month ago.

You may not believe how it's done, but here goes, anyway - make up your own mind.

Contrary to what doctors have told you, being overweight has little to do with blood pressure (look at me) and salt doesn't cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure is caused by unintentional dehydration.

Here's what's going on -

Two of the most important substances that support life are water and salt - in that order. The only thing more important is oxygen.

One of the main jobs that water and salt provide is to deliver nutrients to all of the cells so that they function properly. If they don't function properly, health problems can develop (like high blood pressure).

If you don't drink enough water, the cells can't get the nutrients they need. Therefore, the body will have to borrow water from other sources. Blood (94% water) is often a prime target. Taking the water from the blood causes the arteries to constrict due to less volume and the blood to thicken (like how a soup thickens when the water boils down and evaporates).

This requires the heart to have to exert more pressure to pump the thickened blood through the narrower arteries, which becomes the reading on the blood pressure gauge.

The fix is simple enough, but it takes persistence. Click on the link below to learn the correct way to do it.


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Thanks. This makes total sense and I do not drink a lot of water throughout the day. I am going to try your hydration treatment.
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  • jimmymae2000 answered 4 years ago
    You should probably go to a Kidney Specialist, they are better at controlling high Blood Pressure.


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  • Dr. Arun Kumar Suri answered 4 years ago
    Listen to soothing music. Meditation is highly effective if done properly. You can visit the following site for guidance. But you need a proper check up first to rule out other diseases which can cause hypertension.


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  • Aziz answered 4 years ago
    intravenous infusion of nitroglycerine ( administered in a coronary care unit can bring the bp down fast) but in your case there should be some reason for your bp which can't bring down even with drugs, so a better choice will be a cardiology consultation.


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  • Hugh M answered 4 years ago
    A relaxation tape, and steam rooms and saunas if your too lazy to exercise or loose weight.
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