superstition birthday party theme?

im turning thirteen and decided to make the theme superstition since 13 is unlucky but i cant think of anything to do at my party, any ideas??

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    Decorate the party room with representations of common superstitions and have the guests try to figure out the superstitious belief behind each one. Decorating ideas can include black cats, small plastic ladders, salt shakers, wishbones, plastic horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, mirrors, rabbit’s feet, small open umbrellas and many more! Even the birthday cake can become part of the theme, since the inability to blow out all of the candles at once is considered to be bad luck!

    Notice how some are "lucky" superstitions that I mentioned---not all are bad ones. Here's a list of some common ones to read up on:

    There are more sites to check out...just google them.

    Have guests each bring something to the party that they think is a good luck charm and tell why and how they got it. Or some just have a superstition they go by themselves (like an athlete not shaving before a big game, etc). Play your regular games but just have the decor represent the theme.

    Play the song "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder

    Have a cereal box of Lucky Charms on the table ;).

    Here's a link giving you ideas for giving out good luck charms:

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    Decorating for a party that's all about superstitions calls for going all out! Choose a black-and-white theme and think "Freaky Friday" chic!

    Spook your guests before they even enter your home by adding a few black cat decals to your windows.

    Place bunches of black balloons all around the party room. Paint on the number 13 using white paint.

    Open up a real ladder or use a decorative one and place it right inside your home's entrance. Instruct guests to walk under the ladder to enter the party.

    Open up a bunch of umbrellas and place them all around the house.

    Create floral centerpieces using 13 stems of carnations - they are considered a bad luck flower in China!

    Then, decorate around the centerpieces by spilling a bit of salt around them (use larger sea salt) and rest a few salt shakers on their sides. You can also add in a few pennies, face down...another back luck symbol!

    If you're hosting a sit-down dinner, place a lucky horseshoe cookie cutter at everyone's place.

    A broken mirror is a must, but be careful with this decorative trick. Instead, you can pick up a bag of mirrored mosaic chips at the craft store. Use to fill a few candle votives and then place a candle inside.

    Another broken mirror trick? Pick up a few inexpensive round mirrors at the craft store and simply draw on them wiht a black permanent marker so they only look broken. Hang around the room.

    Finally, to realy spook your guests, pull out your black cat decorations from Halloween and place them inconspicuosly around the room, especially in front of doorways that guests will have to walk in front of.


    Whatever game or activity you choose to play, entice guests to get in on the action by handing out prizes such as DVDs including Freaky Friday, Friday the 13th or Good Luck, Chuck. Other prizes can be similar to the ones found in our goody bag suggestion.

    Play a few games that "tempt" certain superstitions. For example, hold a relay race and have guests try to balance a salt shaker on their heads. Another fun idea? Have a hand mirror toss. Break the guests up into pairs adn have everyone toss a hand mirror from different distances.

    Other ideas include:

    Play with a Ouijia Board

    Hire a Tarot Card Reader for the evening or try it yourself!

    Break out the Magic 8 Ball

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    black cats (real or stuffed) broken mirrors, ladders everywhere, etc. just use your imagination! sounds like a fun theme ;)

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