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20 Protons, 21 Neutrons, and 20 Electrons ??

Hey Everyone, I need help with a question... If An Atom has 20 Protons, 21 Neutrons and 20 Electrons, Would it have..... A negitive, Or Positive, Or Neutral Charge???? Please help.

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    Neutral. 20 protons balance 20 electrons. Neutrons are neutral.

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    neutral +20+(-20) = +20-20 = 0

    0 charge means its neutral and neutrons have a negligible charge

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    Mass of proton : a million,6726 x 10^(-27) kg Mass of neutron: a million,6749 x 10^(-27) kg Mass of electron: 0,00091x10^(-27) kg so multiply the mass of a proton with the help of 20, the mass of the electron with the help of 20, and the mass of the proton with the help of 20 and upload them at the same time

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