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What songs are good for a High School classroom party?

Hi My French teacher is holding a party for us tomorrow and I'm in charge of creating the Music Mix CD

Some songs that I already thought of:

- Sexual Healing by Max-a-Million/Marvin Gaye (Which version is better)

- Thriller or Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson (Which one/both)

- War by Edwin Starr

- Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys

- In My Head by Jason Derulo

Other songs I have thought of but not know if it will work:

- Bad Boys by Inner Circle

- Some Bob Marley Song

- Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble

- Men In Black by Will Smith

- Black Suits Comin (Nod Ya Head) by Will Smith

- Party Starter by Will Smith

- Day and Night by Kid Cudi

- Soulja Boy???

- The Cha-Cha slide song

Also this song

Kiss by Prince


1999 by Prince

If you are answering, please tell me BOTH which songs I should use on this list and what other songs I should put thank you

I have permission from my teacher to use Sexual Healing. The Reggae/Rap version is one of his faves from the 90's

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    I don't know what your class is like or if they will like them but I will tell you my class would hate them, like I said some people might like them but if your in High school 90's music and Sexual Healing is just too slow and :( try these

    Gotta Feeling

    Black Eyed Peas

    Fire Burning

    Sean Kingston

    Hotel Room Service


    Evacuate the Dancefloor


    Anybody Listening


    Feature I Do Not Hook Up (Remix)

    Kelly Clarkson

    Feature When Love Takes Over

    David Guetta f. Kelly Rowland

    Feature Paranoid (Soulseekerz Remix)

    Jonas Brothers

    Feature Waking up in Vegas (Manhattan Clique Remix)

    Katy Perry

    Feature If U Seek Amy

    Britney Spears


    Feature Chillin'

    Wale f. Lady Gaga

    Love Sex Magic

    Ciara f. Justin Timberlake


    Lady Gaga

    I'm Runnin

    Misstress Barbara

    Throw Ya Hands Up


    Feature Hot Girl

    Belly f. Snoop Dogg

    Change to your list are:

    - War by Edwin Starr (this ones snaz but old and no one will get the meaning of it)

    - Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys (good choice)

    - In My Head by Jason Derulo (yeah)

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