does anyone know the name of this children's hand clapping game or song?

i can't remember much of it. i think it was a little morbid for being a children's song. it had to do with someone dying or being killed. something about boys and girls. a women having either snakes or diamonds in her eyes. maybe she was dressed in red? i can't remember it for the life of me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's a place on mars where the children smoke cigars and the men wear bikini's while the women drink martini's every step they take is enough to kill a snake when the snake drops dead they put mustard on his head, when the mustar dries they put diamonds in his eyes, when the diamonds break it is 1948 and in 1948 they go on a date when the date is over they buy a dog named rover, please take over and play a game called FREEZE.

    That might be it, i know what youre talkin about but there are a lot of different versions so idk..

    Source(s): My childhood
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