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how do I find out an upcomming inmate release date of lewis county jail in washington state?

I would like to find out the exact date of my husbands release from lewis county jail in Chehalis washington. Is there a website or anywhere I can find this info for free?

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    There is a listing of booking and a roster of current inmates here:

    It list releases, however it appears to only list those that have been released, not those scheduled for release. Looks like you will need to call them. I would start by calling them at (360) 748-9286

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    Date Release Inmates Finding

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database -
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    I doubt that this type of information is in the public realm!

    Think about it . . . There are a LOT of people on the outside who are unhappy with those inside. Allowing anyone who wants to know when any individual inmate is going to come walking out, could make them an easy target for a scheduled 'hit'! Call the facility, & ask them how to find out, or, even if you can.

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    You call the Lewis County jail.

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    you should be able to call the jail and speak with someone to find out. It will be a lot quicker if u have his inmate number.

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    why not ask him or his lawyer

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    If your testimony put him there, then DO NOT WAIT! MOVE!!!....NOW!!!

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