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films like one missed call?

Hallo, I´m looking for films like the call or bloody mary or something, fast pls.

not the grudge.

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    Dead Silence

    Darkness Falls

    Ghost Ship

    Silent Hill

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    The Shining

    When the stranger calls

    Hills have eyes

    Darkness Falls

    Boogie man



    Silent hill

    The Wicker man

    the sixth sence

    Paranormal Activity

    Silence of the lambs

    Hide and Seek


    Black Sheep (not so scary but really weird.)

    Dawn of the Dead

    Open Waters

    Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

    Gates of Hell

    Death Tunnel

    The mist


    Texas Chainsaw Massacure


    28 days later

    Pans Labyrinth


    The Excorsist


    The ring

    Sorry Hon couldn't think of anymore.

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    it confused me seeing it advertised because im sure you've heard of that film the grudge? well i watched the grudge 2 on film 4 a few weeks back and it seemed to be exactly the same plot as one missed call, grudge 2 wasnt in english and i only watched abit of it as i like to watch a film not read it! but i never heard this one missed call out in cinemas only saw the dvd advertised the other day.

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    The Ring

    Final Destination

    First Snow

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    Carrie, The Shining...

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    "Premonition" (Not the Sandra Bullock version)

    Check 'em out...Hope that helps!

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