Who would be victorious in the following weird matches (Not your usual VS question)?

Indicate 1-0, 0-1 or ½-½ and any comments:

1. Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles in Synchronized Swimming

2. He-Man vs Tarzan in Sumo Wrestling

3. Superman vs Goku in Poker

4. Ash vs Tai in Squirrel Hunting

5. Chi-Chi vs Bulma in Egg Hatching

6. Snoopy vs Garfield in Swearing

7. South Park Kids vs Peanuts Kids in Snowball Fighting

8. Naruto vs Edward Elric in Break Dancing

9. Pinnochio vs Barney in Light Saber Dueling

10. Lelouche vs Light in Rapping

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    1. ½-½ they'd probably both be good at it (or not good at it)

    2. 1-0 He-man is stronger.

    3. 1-0 Superman has x-ray vision, and even if he didn't, Goku isn't very smart so he could win out through strategy.

    4. 0-1 If they couldn't use tools (like Pokeballs) then I think Tai would win. He has more experience dealing with animals the old fashioned way and he seems slightly more athletic. He's been through a lot more than Ash has.

    5. 1-0 Chi-Chi would be slightly less likely to break the egg.

    6. 1-0 Snoopy is the master of swearing, he probably swears every time he appears, you just can't tell.

    7. 1-0 The South Park kids would fight dirty.

    8. 0-1 I don't really know, I just think Ed would win this one.

    9. 0-1 Don't even joke around, we all know Barney is a badass. Anyway Pinocchio's nose would probably get in the way of his fight or something.

    10. 1-0 They both have a way with words, and I think they'd both go into the competition with no intention of cheating (pride, you know) but if it came down to it, Lelou could always use his Geass to make Light mess up in the middle of the competition, and he probably would if it looked like he was losing. These results are assuming Misa has no idea about this competition of course.

  • 1 decade ago

    0-1 Ninja Turtles

    0-1 Tarzan

    1-0 Superman

    1-0 Ash

    0-1 Bulma

    0-1 Garfield

    1-0 South Park

    0-1 Edward Elric

    1-0 Pinnochio

    1-0 Lelouche

  • 1 decade ago

    1. 1-0 /Power Rangers/

    2. 1-0 /He-man/

    3. 0-1 /Goku/

    4. 1-0 /Ash/

    5. 0-1 /Bulma/

    6. 1-0 /Snoopy/

    7. 1-0 /South Park/

    8. 0-99999999 /Edward Elric/

    9. 0-1 /Barney....FFFFF!/

    10. 0-1 /Light/

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