Albert Haynesworth 3-4 defense ?

Will he make less individual plays to pad his stats? explain why is this guy crying about the 3-4 defense. He can't learn it or is he less used ? I don't know plays well I like the nfl but I don't know the x's and o's that well dumb it down for me.

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    Look. I am a Die Hard Skins fan, and I can tell you it doesn't have anything to do with the 3-4 defense. The guy was unhappy last year in the 4-3.

    When Haynsworth was with the Titans, they learned that Albert likes to do what Albert wants to do. Therefore, there was a scheme for 10 starters, then there was Albert's Scheme. Albert had no playbook or written scheme with the Titans. He did what he wanted to do.

    So last year when he came to the skins, he was upset, because Greg Blache (Former D. Coord.) is a disciplinarian. He wouldn't allow Haynsworth to free-will on the line.

    Now Shanny comes in (he is a disciplinarian), then he brings in another hard nose D. Coordinator in Jim Hasslet. Hasslet decided to change the scheme to a 3-4. There are only 3 reasons a team changes to a 3-4.

    1. Coach: There are not many coaches in the league that can actually coach a proper 3-4 alignment. Jim Hasslet is one of the few that can.

    2. Edge Rusher: In order to run a good 3-4 you have to have a Pass Rush Outside Linebacker. A guy you can unleash at any time, and know he can create Havoc. We have that guy, in Brain Orakpo.

    3. To create turnover: The NFL has turned into a passing league. The Redskins have been a top 5 defense the past couple of years, but we haven't been a scary defense. We don't create turnovers. We have a guy in Deanglo Hall, in which, you get the ball in his hands..he is a threat to score every time.

    To talk about Haynesworth with the X's and O's of the alignment. Haynsworth normally plays a DT in a 4-3, he has also moved around on the line and played at D-End. He is usually playing a 3 or 2 technique in the 4-3. Which means two hands down, shoulders square. Or 1 hand down. In the 3-4 he would be asked to play Nose Tackle and Right D-End. When he is at Nose, he will most likely play the 0 technique. Which means, he does nothing but clog up the interior linemen, normally a center and a guard, and move them to allow linebackers make plays.

    However, if you go back and look at how Hasslet used Casey Hampton with the Steelers, he would also allow Casey to play Nose, but move forward into the QB to make plays.

    So in Albert's mind, he thinks he will do nothing but take up space. However, if he came to camp he wouldreleasee the Skins are willing to put him at Right End and let him pass rush.

    But I think this is more than what scheme he is playing. Albert was out of shape last year, he is probably out of shape now, and he wants to do, what he wants to do.

    Source(s): Die Hard Skins fan of 17 years. Every since I have been on this Earth I have bleed Burgandy and Gold!!!
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    The reason hes crying is because when he was at Tennessee they ran a 4-3 obviously, and he used to get alot more tackles because 5 lineman 4 dlineman , now with a 3-4 his job is to take on the center and one of the gaurds which he doesnt want to do because he thinks to be the focal point of the defense. Sorry to break it to him, but the NFL is becoming alot more passing as it has been the last 5 years. But what i dont understand is do something like the Packers do, run the hybrid like 3-4 and 4-3 it makes sense and everyones happy

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    This is not about X and O stuff. This is about these players who make so much money that if they do not want to do something, they don't do it. Nobody can tell them what to do, not the position coach, not the head coach and not even the owner. Instead of these types of actions making it hard for the player it now makes it harder for the team. The Redskins were stupid for getting him. They sold out on a dream that they knew was a nightmare from the start. All that money just to win 4 games, wow that really worked well. Albert will not go unscathed but I predict a lot more pain in the Redskin's future.

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    3-4 defensive linemen typically do not get many sacks or put up any kind of sexy stats. The job of a traditional 3-4 lineman is to occupy blockers and take up space so the linebackers can make plays, whether its rushing the passer, dropping back into coverage or coming up in sun support. In a 4-3 defense it is the linemen's job to get into the backfield, which leads to them, especially right ends and under tackles (the defensive tackle lined up to the left side of the center), getting more sacks than their 3-4 counterparts.

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    There isn't much for him to learn in the 3-4.The DT in a 3-4 is primarily responsible for occupying the center and the tackles and that means less opportunities for sacks and that's why he's crying...He needs to take notes from Jay Ratliff of the cowboys who is considered small for that position in a 3-4 and still terrorizes QBs....

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    From the internet reports this guy is extremely self-centered and probably would have to pull his own weight in the 3-4 defense, not to say he is not a good football player but it seems as tho someone didn't kiss his posterior in his prescribed manner and he doesn't like it. His dislike hasn't seemed to stop him from taking ALOT of money for doing nothing, tho. He seems to be POS.

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    Who is familiar with what Belichick has in suggestions. he variations his gameplan a week yet to answer your question, the pats performed a large number of four-3 even while haynesworth ignored a pair video games. Kyle Love performed next to Wilfork while vast al became into injured.

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    He's cryin becuase he cant play tackl no more.!!!! in 3-4 you have to ends and a nose guared which is usually the biggest tackle. he said he dosent want to play end bu they wont put him at nose soo he is acting like a baby.....its annoyn..if some body paid mee 100 million dollars im playin any position they ask

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    the guy doesn't see himself as an effective player unless he's the focal point of his defense. sorry albert, you're just no that good

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