Can't get rid of diaper rash?

I am a proud mommy of 3 beautiful kids so there is a lot that I know about when it comes to kiddo problems. My youngest (11 months) has had diaper rash for weeks now and nothing I try seems to get rid of it completely. I have tried every over the counter cream and paste I have found (one even cost almost 10 bucks but I had to try it!). Before anyone says it... yes she is kept dry and very very clean. It will go away for a day or so then comes back out of no where. My other 2 never had it like this. (My son is 8 and my other daughter is 21 months). Is it possible that she has become allergic to the diapers that she wears? From day one her and my other daughter have only worn Huggies snug and dry. I have never changed brands or anything and they have always done fine with them before. Does anyone know of any home remedies that I can try? Or any advice at all?! Oh and yes I do let her go without a diaper at times thru the day as well. Any help here would be great. I am running out of my own ideas! Thanks everyone!


Thanks for all the ideas everyone! I have taken her to the dr and he said it was diaper rash and told me to get a certian kind of cream (which i did and it didn't work). I haven't switched laundry soap or wipes either. I'm going to give a few of these ideas a shot and see what happens (and see what other ideas I get). Thanks again!

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    Have u tryed corn starch my baby girl had the same problem when she was about 9 months old i tryed a lot of over the counter stuff one little tube of this paste stuff cost me 22 bucks so finally my mom came over and was changing her diaper and was like honey she needs corn starch and it cleared up in 3 days only

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    It does sound like an allergy. Have you changed wipes recently? It could be that or the dye on the diapers. My 5 month old is apparently allergic to the colognes and cleaners in some wipes, and I have several nieces and nephews that are allergic to various diapers. I'd suggest trying cloth diapers and hypo-allergenic, perfume free wipes for a while and see if that helps. Then you can try the Huggies again and see if they cause the problem. If yes go back to cloth till she heals, then try a small package of another brand and see if that helps. If it's not the huggies you can try using the wipes again and see if that's the problem.

    As far as rash relief, you can try baking soda or oatmeal baths to help soothe the rash, just pour a half cup of baking soda or a cup of non-instant oatmeal in an inch or two of bath water and let her sit in it for about ten minutes. Then just make sure you rinse her off really well using super mild soap if necessary to get slimy oatmeal off. Then use the diaper cream as normal with the cloth diaper.

    Also, are you using baby powder? If so, stop, It is likely drying the skin out too much and making the rash worse instead of better.

    Source(s): A very large family with super sensitive skin.
  • Well first and foremost you may want to try a little bactoban (I can never spell it right) around her openings. . . including her ears and nose. Put a very small amount around her vagina, rear area under her arms and around her nostrils and ears. It may simply be a bacteria that is causing this rash. She may be allergic to the diapers but she wouldn't just have the rash around her bottom area it would be all the way around her legs and around to the front.

    My mom has always been a firm believer that to cure diaper rash you should soak your child in the detergent in which you wash her clothes with. Say for instance if you use drift then let her play in a tub of drift. Making sure that her bum is always in the water. Let her play for at least 10 minutes. Then when you get her out let her run around for about 30 mins. Apply the cream and then re-diaper her. I thought my mom was crazy but when Mason had the same problem and it was going on for weeks that I couldn't get rid of I finally done it and bam. . . two days later it was gone. . . I was soooo amazed.

    Short of taking her to the doctor's office thats the only thing that I can suggest. The bactorban won't hurt the rash either. You can even apply it directly to the rash. Good luck and I hope she gets better.

    • carol2 years agoReport

      Soaking a baby in soap powder are you crazy it will burn her skin

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    I have 4 kids and didn't realize til after my 3rd that the best thing for a diaper rash is to let your baby air dry completely before putting a diaper back on. After you clean the bum, just blow some air on the nether regions and let air dry for a minute or so. Then once completely dry and soft put the diaper on. When I got rid of all ointments and tried this, the rash went away after about 2 days.

    Someone else told me about this and I thought it's better than letting my poor baby be in pain all the time, so I had nothing to lose. It worked and I haven't used ointments ever since!!

    Source(s): Experience
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    Has the doctor checked out her rash? It's possible that what she has is actually a yeast infection. When my now 4 year old was a baby she would get diaper rashes so bad they would bleed. And they would come and go. Turned out she was somehow getting yeast infections. Usually something such as Nystatin (Rx only) worked. And when I ran out of that, I used the monistat cream on her.

    I also had to keep changing diaper brands on her because of it. Seems she did better in Luvs then any other brand. And Pampers was the worst for her. I even tried stored brand, but those made the rash go around her legs.

    I now have 7.5 month old twin boys. My first boys too. And they started getting a diaper rash. I have this stuff that is called APNO--All Purpose Nipple Ointment. It's another Rx thing, but you can make your own. It's an equal mix of Monistat, Neosporin, and Hydrocortizone. I was Rx'ed it for nipple thrush and it's in such a huge jar. When one of my twins broke out over night in a terrible blistered rash I used this and by the end of the day it was cleared up.

    And it really is All Purpose. I've used it on scrapes, cuts, burns etc. I even used it on my 8 year old daughter's finger when she managed to get it infected around the nail. Put it on once (and by this point it was looking bad, swollen, red, white and had pus) in the morning, applied a band-aid so she didn't wipe it off while playing, next day her finger was cleared up! Still took her to her Dr. Appt. and he was amazed that it was totally cleared up.

    Another one that works is to mix equal parts cornstarch and Maalox to create a paste. Stay away from baby powders. Try to limit sugar intake (from juices, snacks, etc), and avoid acidic drinks, as they could cause her urine to "burn" the rash (kinda like sting..think of a paper cut when you get soap in it).

    Good luck! If I remember some other things I have tried i"ll pop back over and let you know!

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    It's probably a yeast infection. She will need and anti-fungal cream as well as a diaper cream. You can use the same cream for vaginal yeast infections, 1% or 2% clotrimizole cream.

    At each diaper change, clean her up, and make sure her bum is dry. Apply a small amount of the anti-fungal cream (dime size per bum cheek), and rub it in until you can no longer see the cream. Over top of that, apply a really good, thick diaper cream. I like Desitin.

    Do that a few times a day for the next week. Should clear it up.

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      Don't use the cream for candida on a baby it might burn its delicate skin go to the doctor and get something off him after getting it properly diagnosed

  • Anonymous
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    Go buy a tube of lotrimin. My son's doctor recommended that after a stubborn rash that he got from wearing Huggies. I would also try switching diapers. My son only had one bad rash and that was from Huggies.

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    A couple of years ago we went to dubai for a holiday. The daipers there had some sort of perfume on them. My little one ended up with a terrible rash. It was horrible. Anyway, i was tipped off by someone to use a thick layer of petroleum vaseline. I swear within 2 days it was gone and I kept using it until we came back home.

  • Sounds like a yeast rash. They usually wont go away with traditional barrier creams. You can try some over the counter lotramin or some plain unsweetened yogurt. If it doesnt go away after a day of those, its time to head to the doctor for a rx for yeast cream.

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    To star off with leave the nappy off as much as you can and switch to realnappies without all those nasty chemicals - better for the enviornment too.

    ALSO I stopped using baby wipes - they have formaldehyde in them - eek! I made my own, I got a plastic box and soaked kitchen roll or cotton wool in a solution of bioled water, honey and lavender drops. Lovely for their skin!

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