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What do people think of blackhawks prospects?

What do people who have watched these guys play before think?

Dylan Olsen

Kyle Beach

Nick Leddy

Akim Aliu

Shawn Lalonde

Marcus Kruger

Billy Sweatt

Brandon Pirri

Joe Fallon

Igor Makarov

Simon Danis-Pepin

Brian Connelly

Alec Richards


I intentionally forgot jack skille, there comes a certain age when I don't count a player as a prospect and he has hit it. I have also seen him play a good amount of hockey so I don't really want an opinion on him.

Update 2:

I googled hawks prospects for the list. I didn't feel like typing them all out and to be honest don't even know a few of these players but I would still like people's opinions on them even if I don't know some of them.

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    Olsen- Second pairing Dman

    Beach- 1st line power forward....possible 35-40 goal guy

    Leddy-Undersized so have to wait and see if he fills out

    Aliu- Weak ankles (I kid)....BUST....he used to be touted higher before that Junior incident

    Lalonde-depth player

    Kruger- not familiar

    Sweatt-2nd liner

    Pirri-Another undersized player so it depends how he handles the pro physical play

    Fallon-No idea

    Makarov- Not sure

    Danis-Pepin- not the next Tyler Myers

    Connelly- Not familiar but AGAIN undersized

    Richards- AHL ceiling

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    lol I guess you got this list from Hockey's Future because it's in the same order.

    Olsen: Has the ability to be a top-pair d-man but might slip to 2nd pairing. Good size but doesn't always use it, decent skater, hard shot but not outstanding offensive skills. Maybe like a Fedor Tyutin.

    Kyle Beach: Lanky center, big frame, physical forward, has some attitude problems. He has good offensive skill but may end up being limited to a checking role at the NHL level because of his attitude problems. Aside from the attitude problems, maybe an Andrew Ladd-type player. Fought Milan Lucic, so has guts.

    Scouting report from TSN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaLAykM5bTE

    Youtube thumbnail

    Nick Leddy: Undersized defenceman who plays very well at both ends. Doesn't hit very often but is a tremendous skater. His ceiling is probably around a level lower than Duncan Keith but with a similar playing style. Only thing standing in his way is his size.

    Akim Aliu: Has been compared to Shayne Corson, which may in fact be correct because he never put up amazing numbers in the CHL and struggled offensively in the AHL. I think that at this point, he has the potential to be a power forward, but his lack of scoring will limit him to more of a checking forward. He has a mean streak. Maybe a good, physical 3rd line forward with a bit of scoring potential but good hands.

    Shawn Lalonde: 6'0, so not overly big. He posted some decent numbers in his final couple OHL seasons, so he has some scoring ability. His main strength is his mobility. He is not very good in his own end, however. If he improves his defensive play he can be a top-4 all-around defenceman, but his lower end is a top-6 offensive, somewhat physical defenceman who is also a bit of a liability in his own end.

    Marcus Kruger: 5'11, pretty undersized for a center. Great passer and leader, and plays in all three zones. Not much of a physical player. Ceiling is 2nd line playmaking forward, maybe comparable to a much less spectacular version of Datsyuk.

    Billy Sweatt: Pretty much same skills as Tim Connolly: great speed, hands, playmaking abilities on the fly, but not very strong and has average size, hopefully is less injury-prone.

    Brandon Pirri: Super small forward, at 5'11 and only 160 pounds. Has good offensive ability, again only thing holding him back is his size. Doesn't turn the puck over very often. One comparison in skill set is Martin St. Louis, but it is a real longshot. Maybe a harder-working and slightly taller version of Dan Sexton?

    Joe Fallon: Traded to Blues on March 1st, 2010.

    Igor Makarov: Had some pretty awful seasons in the KHL, never put up more than 17 points in a single season there. Has a decent frame but lacks strength. He has good positioning and is not a defensive liability, but not a great one either. Has decent offensive skills, but loses his cool often. Also decent hitter. I would compare him to Sergei Kostitsyn.

    Simon Danis-Pepin: 6'7, so has a very large frame, but also skates well. He is a good hitter, good defensive player, and DECENT offensive player. His only known liability is his lack of top speed. He is a pretty unique player, I would say that he models his game after Zdeno Chara (without the big shot) but will never be anywhere near as good a player as he is. He did not put up very good numbers in high school or the AHL but played better when sent to the ECHL. If he will develop into an NHL defenceman he will need several years of AHL experience to work on his speed and refine his offensive skills.

    Brian Connelly: He does not shoot very often but has a decent shot. Has pretty good puckhandling/passing skills. At 5'9, he is not physical or great defensively.

    and the other guy i dont really care about right now because HALAK JUST GOT TRADED WTFFFS

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    You forgot Jack Skille. He was the top call-up over the first quarter of the season and played very well IMO, but they had to continuously ship him back and forth between Rockford and Chicago I think for Salary Cap reasons and I think couldn't keep him on the roster for Cap reasons as well. Anyways, I like his chances to make the squad and contribute next season.

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    Akim Aliu Will definitely make something of himself, I predict maybe a third or second line player in his future if he keeps progressing. Beyond that, maybe Dylan Olsen but as for the other options I see very little chances for a permanent stay in the big leagues.

    Source(s): Wait for Like I'm telling you, I've yet to see him pass up a decent chicago question like this yet, he explains well.
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    they BETTER be good, because Chicago is going to have to shake up a lot of their current core because of cap issues. bowman and quenneville have even made public statements acknowledging this.

    7 of their players will make a total of 45.5M next year, and 17 players will make over 56.8M next year. (this past year's cap).

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    they played when the cards were down to win,,they played there hearts out

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    i think blackhawks got lucky with the cup. it should have been philly

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