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jesse james ..... in alabama?

i know that stories run rampant everywhere and that much of what is said isn't true but i've been told a story since i was little that some of my family helped hide jesse james on one of the old house places close to where i live.... i live in goodway alabama ..... so i guess what i want to know is how much of a possibility is their that he was in this area.

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    Evidently, the James family was in Alabama.

    You won't find the name Jesse James on many official records in Alabama either, but his brother Frank shows up in a major court case. Further, the James brothers are credited with an 1881 robbery near Muscle Shoals. And Jesse occasionally traveled to Selma when he was hiding from the law.

    First, the stage robbery. That occurred in March 1881 when three masked men robbed the Army paymaster near Muscle Shoals. One of the robbers, Bill Ryan, was later captured in Nashville and identified Jesse and Frank James as the other thieves.

    It may have been the last robbery of the gang. Within a year, Jesse was shot in St. Joseph, Missouri by Bob Ford. Frank James surrendered to the law soon afterwords.

    Frank was tried for murder in Gallatin, Missouri, but found "not guilty" by a jury in his home state. The law brought him to trial again, on robbery charges, in Huntsville.

    It started on April 17, 1884, and became the "celebrity" trial of the time. Former Confederate Secretary of War Leroy Pope Walker served as Frank's lead attorney. William Smith, the U.S. attorney who had also served as a Reconstruction governor for the state, was the prosecutor.

    Turns out the government couldn't convict Frank in Alabama either. A jury, composed mostly of Confederate veterans, sided with James and Walker.

    And, as for those Selma trips - that's because the James boys had a friend in the area, a local contractor named John Greene Norris. Selma was a safe place to visit, since nobody in the area knew what the outlaws looked like.

    That was typical of the Jesse and Frank in their heyday. When the law got a bit too hot, they moved east to hide out. Both lived in Nashville for several years, their families spent time in Franklin, Kentucky, too.

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    My understanding is that Frank and Jesse hid out for a time in Lowndes County, Alabama posing as cattle brokers. They felt safe there due to the fact most of the locals were "Hard Shell Baptist" and fellow partisans from the War years.

    Source(s): Descendant of Alabama 'partisan rangers"
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    hire the action picture 'The Assasination of Jesse James by ability of the Coward Robert Ford'. It does an wonderful interest debunking numerous the mythology of Jesse James as hero. truly Jesse James became right into a die troublesome accomplice who in no way reconciled with the defeat of the South. His practice robberies have been in part triggered by ability of sympathy for the accomplice reason and could be characterised as terrorist assaults on Union rule in Missouri, inspite of the undeniable fact that needless to say accomplice sympathizers seen him a freedom fighter. additionally, the James Gang have been between the various gangs of "night Riders" on the time, others of that have been the early precursors to the Klu Klux Klan. The romaticization of Jesse James as hero occured at a time while the racist nature of his reason became into oftentimes universal by ability of mainstream society, and a large number of individuals remained sympathetic to the rebellion South. no longer many certainly everyone seems to be conscious at present of the links to the Confederacy and the KKK, by using fact purely the parable of the outlaw, rebellion, and hero has survived, jointly as the character of his motivations has been forgotten.

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