is it true that Armstrong walked in the moon or it is faked from NASA?

is it true that Armstrong walked in the moon or it is faked from NASA

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    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon for a few hours in 1969. The amount of evidence available, even today, is overwhelming, if one just looks for it. Mythbusters did a whole episode on debunking the moon landing conspiracy myths.

    In the 1950's - 1980's, the United States was locked in a political cold war with the Soviet Union and demonstrable scientific advancement was one of the theatres of this war. This led to the "space race", an effort to show whether the scientific development of the capitalist free-market economy versus the communist controlled economy was better. The prize for winning the race was the perceptions of dominance of people all around the world.

    The Soviet Union managed to be the first to get a satellite to orbit the earth (Sputnik 1, 1958), the first person to orbit the Earth (Yuri Gagarin, 1961), the first woman in space (Valentina Tereshkova, 1963), the first spacewalk (Aleksei Leonov, 1965), the first automated lander on the moon (1966). The "holy grail" of the 1960's space race was landing people on the moon. On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, finally winning the space race for the Americans, after the United States lost almost all the "heats" in the big race.

    The United States leaders of the day would have loved to be able to denounce these accomplishments of the Soviets, but could not because of the evidence published by the Soviets and reviewed and confirmed by scientists around the world. The same thing, in the other direction, applied for the Soviets after the Americans landed on the moon. If the Soviets could have said at the time that NASA had faked the whole thing, they would have, in no uncertain terms, let the world know, on the slightest evidence they could find or manufacture, but they instead acknowledged the American feat and stopped their own effort to reach the Moon first. This effort then went into getting a semi-permanent space station in Earth orbit.

    The people who understand the political climate of the day as well as the advancements of technology achieved to accomplish this incredible engineering marvel would be able to tell you that there were national conspiracies, but these were to actually put people on the moon, not fake that they did.

    Many of these conspiracy theorists seem to apply the idea, "I couldn't do that, so nobody else could either," without allowing that some people are far smarter (and apparently far wiser) than they are, with more resources to accomplish things. Others apply the idea, "Your evidence disagrees with my (unfounded) preconceived ideas, so you must be wrong," to come to their conclusions. "If I did it (but I have never tried), it would look different," is another popular mantra among the theorists. This is related to, "The only way I can think that this could happen is this ridiculous and untested process, so there is no other way is could happen." Also look for "What the so-called experts are telling me does not make sense to me, so they must be wrong," and "I will expand the context of what little I know to such a ridiculous extent that it is no longer true, so that must be the way it was done," among those that have no training, experience or inclination to learn. Look for these ideas floating in amongst other conspiracy theories, like the World Trade Centre collapse conspiracy theories.

    Also, scientists and other experts tend to be very exacting in the definitions of technical terms and use them to talk about exact things and situations. Most people use similar terms in very loose fashion. This can lead to confusion when people use their loose definition to an experts exact definition. A statistician or actuary referring to "expected value" is meaning something very specific [ E(Xn) = P(Xn)*V(Xn) ], that may not map well to the ideas of somebody without that training.

    This brings to mind a line from Stargate: Universe.

    Eli: Well things couldn't get any worse.

    Rush: That just shows a failure of imagination.

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    Many argue that, but many more argue that it was real. No other nations have went to the moon because there is no point to go back since we've already been there. Most space agencies would rather save their budgets for future manned missions to Mars and so fort. There was 6 Moon Missions that landed on the lunar surface during the Apollo era. None of these Apollo Moon Landing's were hoaxed. I will discuss and disprove the conspiracy theories you may be familiar with. Think about it logically; The spacecrafts were definitely launched by NASA, which is difficult to fake. Second the Apollo crafts could NOT have orbited the Earth for 8 days as some of the conspiracy theorists have claimed. If NASA had of done that they would have been caught on their lie, especially if they did it six times. The Russians tracked the Apollo missions very closely and they knew for a fact that none of the missions were faked. If they only had the slightest clue that the Moon Landing was faked it would have been the ultimate propaganda weapon for use against the US and to Capitalism. The flag waves because it was planted in the soil and Armstrong twisted the poles. This is obvious because in other footage you can see the flag is not moving when he walks past it. There are no stars in the pictures because they were taken from the daylight side of the moon. Remember too there was no air to diffuse the star's light and thus they were incredibly dim on the lunar surface. Also the reason there is no blast crater beneath Apollo 11 is because when the craft landed it reduced speed upon landing on the Moon's surface, so all that it did was blow away dust. The same is with driving into a car park because you don't drive in at 30 miles an hour. The reason that there is a "C" on some of the rocks in the photos is because a crosshair got caught on the negative. This often happens, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Over 3 quarters of a million people were working on the project in total. It would have been impossible for every 1 of them to keep a secret. Even filming the landing would have been MORE DIFFICULT than landing on the Moon itself. Think about the number of people they would have needed to shoot the Moon landing in a film studio. Lastly if the Moon Landing was faked, we would have found out years ago. These things don't last 41 years without an answer.

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    10 years ago

    Yes, it is true - just like it is true for the other 11 NASA astronauts that followed Armstrong on the surface of the moon.

    And if a "science" teacher claims that the Moon landing was faked, this casts a bad light on his qualification of being able to teach is the application of the scientific method, and if you do just that, it is very hard to believe the arguments of moon hoax proponents. You need to be a half brain amputee to believe their messing up of everyday physics.

    You sure wouldn't want a French teacher, who can't speak French, why should you want a "Science" teacher, who can't apply science? Also I think that the word "Science" teacher is already stupid. What kind of science does he do? Biology? Geology? Physics? Mathematics? Metrology? Computer science? Hydrology? Aerospace engineering? Political science?

    Every teacher has pretty much to be a scientist in the field that he has to teach, since science and teaching have similar goals, requirements and methods. A teacher has to know his subject, like a scientist has to.

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    Well, the notion that it's a fake is one of those things which seems more convincing if you know nothing about the lunar environment or photography. It's easy to convince yourself that you're clever because something doesn't look right to your untrained eye, or doesn't abide to the incorrect conclusions provided by 'common sense'.

    In the case of the lunar missions, it would have been easier to just go than it would have been to produce a convincing fake which fits all observed facts. See, it's not like once you shoot a rocket up into orbit, that it just disappears. People can see it, and track it, and even listen in on the mission chatter. ALL of the moon missions were observed in this fashion. People were put in that capsule, that rocket was launched, and that capsule didn't just stay in orbit. It exited on a lunar trajectory, and its telemetry was tracked all of the way to the moon by the folks who would have the most to gain by being able to say, "Shenanigans!"

    Then, there's the whole issue of how to keep everyone quiet, and that's not just the folks at NASA, but engineers at Rocketdyne, Northrop Grumman, and all of the other contractors who were darned certain that they were building a rocket to go to the moon, and thus did their best to build one which actually WOULD. That, of course, rather defeats the purpose of faking it. Either that, or you have to pay off ALL of these people, or threaten ALL of these people, and it's STILL going to leak out eventually (or maybe sooner, rather than later). It's by far the most unwieldy structure for a 'conspiracy' one could have ever conceived of.

    But, there's always going to be folks of mediocre intellect who aren't going to think about things like that when they see one of those pictures, puff themselves up, and declare, "There's no stars in that picture! Fake! Fake!" And they're not going to ponder the difference in brightness between the image at the centre of focus and the stars in the background and think, "No. Wait. It's just a fast shutter speed." They're going to convince themselves that they're just smarter than a bunch of rocket scientists.

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    10 years ago

    This "fake" conspiracy theory has been around for a long time. The USSR would have to have agreed to back it up, highly unlikely during the Cold War. All other monitoring stations around the world would also have to participate, again unlikely. All so-called discrepancies in the videos and photographs have already been explained. Go outside at night and take a photo of your friend. Can you see any stars? No, the exposure is too short.

    If the electronics for the space race were not necessary, you would not have cellphones, playstations or anything else you now consider essential for your life.

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    10 years ago

    It's true -- impossible to fake with the technology of the time.

    The six Apollo Moon landings are among the best documented events in human history: thousands of pictures, hours of video, nearly half a ton of Moon rocks, and millions of eye witnesses, including myself. There is not a single scientist in the world who doubts that they took place. To deny them is to discredit the magnificent achievement of the team which went to the Moon, and to reveal abysmal scientific ignorance.

    The proofs of the Moon landings have been documented in detail on web sites like these:

    If further proof is needed, NASA recently released images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing 5 of the 6 Apollo landers, still on the surface of the Moon:

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    10 years ago

    Lance Armstrong never went to the moon, but Neil Armstrong sure did.

  • 10 years ago (see the photograph)

    I believe that all this is fake.

    ( After you complete reading this site, you will definitely understand the truth. You will find truth through the original photographs taken by NASA. Many people have arguments, all the arguments will be cleared by reading this site. Remember that this is US site not any other trash by a site. Even if you see in Google Earth you will find a light colored picture pasted on the surface.

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    10 years ago

    Absolutely landed on the moon.

    To those not sure. The evidence backs it up 100%. Gut feelings do not count where evidence is in abundance. Quantifiable evidence, verifiable evidence, evidence that can be tested and tested and tested again. Evidence that is not disputed by the worlds scientists, even those in countries hostile to the US.

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