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Is hip hop or trance better music to workout with?

I love to work out and I also love music. And I like to pick and choose and have favorites. First off, would genre of music is better for working out? And second, whichever one chosen, what are some good artists? In my hip-hop collection I have A LOT of 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Nas. In my trance collection I have A LOT of Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, ATB, AVB, PVD. Any other suggestions are welcomed :) Thanks!

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  • Eire7
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    10 years ago
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    Trance music is way better to work out to and the beat really keeps you going

    DB Boulevard - Point Of View

    DJ Tiësto - Urban Train (Vocal Edit)

    Ian Van Dahl - I Can't Let You Go

    OceanLab - Satellite

    Cicada - The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix)

    Tiesto ft Julie Thompson - Do You Feel Me

    Lange - Drifting Away

    First State ft Anita Kelsey - Falling

    4 Strings - Take Me Away (Original Vocal Mix)

    Plummet - Damaged

    Paul Van Dyk ft Saint Etien - Tell Me Why (Club Mix)

    Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes

    Café Del Mar (Three N One remix) - Energy 52

    For An Angel (Angel in Heaven) - Paul Van Dyk

    1998 - Binary Finary

    Beachball - Nalin & Kane

    Pulverturm - Neils Van Gogh

    Silence (DJ Tiesto in Search of Sunrise remix) - Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan

    Meet Her At the Love Parade - Da Hool

    Seven Days and One Week - B.B.E.

    Out of the Blue - System F

    El Nino - Agnelli & Nelson

    Gouryella - Gouryella

    Everytime (Nalin & Kane remix) - Lustral

    Ayla (Part I, Part II) - Ayla

    Everyday - Agnelli & Nelson

    Komodo (Save a Soul) - Mauro Picotto

    Mauro Picotto - Iguana

    DJ Tiesto – Suburban Train

    Plummet – Damaged (Trance Remix)

    Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix)

    Paul van Dyk vs. Delerium – Silent Angel

    DJ Tiesto – Traffic

    Deep Dish - Say Hello

    Source feat. Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Paradise Soul Remix)

    Deep Dish - Flashing For Money

    Cosmic Gate - Cosmic Freefall (am:pm remix)

    Tiësto - UR (Junkie XL Remix)

    Mauro Picotto - Lizard (Montana Remix)

    Tiësto - Adagio For Strings

    Mauro Picotto - Lizard Claxixx Mix

    Mario Piu - Communication (Yomanda Remix)

    Hi-Gate - Pitchin' (In Every Direction)

    Artmesia - Bits & Pieces

    Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix)

    Lange Feat. Skye - Drifting Away

    Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (Tiesto dub)

    Armin Van Buuren: Communication

    Southside Spinners: Luvstruck

    Dash Berlin: Till The Sky Falls Down

    Armin Van Buuren: The Sound Of Goodbye

    John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey: Big Sky

    Gabriel & Dresden: Tracking Treasure Down

    Kay D. Smith & Marc Tall - Praiseworthy Tunes

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  • 4 years ago

    AC/DC: Thunderstruck, highway to Hell Black Eyed Peace: Pump It Apocalyptica: Quattamo OutKast - hiya Ya! Eminem: Lose your self citadel Minor: undergo in suggestions the call 2 Steps from Hell: leap Nirvana: Smells Like teen Spirit

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I prefer hip hop.. like the really good stuff not 90% of the stuff coming out today... I love listening to stuff like 2pac, NWA, some of the songs on the 8 mile soundtrack were good to work out to.. I wouldn't listen to snoop dogg and stuff that's chilled out when working out though, that's for chilling :P

    But when I work out I find myself listening to rap metal more.. Limp Bizkit is quite aggressive and helps me work out better.. I'm what most people would call a rocker but I listen to everything, including trance, but I don't like working out to trance..

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  • 10 years ago

    I would say techno/dance music because it has a better beat and is more energetic. I usually work out with artists like Rocco & Bass T., Ti-Mo, The Hitmen and so on...

    Maybe check out my youtube channel for some good techno music:

    Or this chap:

    Hope it helps^^

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  • 10 years ago

    im a hip hop/rap fan so i would prefer that.

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