how long will it take to beat the final fantasy games?

i want to beat all the main final fantasy games in the next year!

with that said i want to know how long it might take to beat the games

not a 100% perfect completion but just beating them

it would really help if i got info from people that hve actually beat them

so far i have beat 10 7 and 1

i have 2 - 12 with the exception of 11 since its an mmo.

i was also wondering if i could play number 11 ofline and just on my ps2

this extra stuff would really help


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  • 10 years ago
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    If you have an extremely large amount of free time you might be able to do it. The first final fantasy took me, (I believe) around 25hours. I know that ones like 7, 8, and 9 should each take around 40-50 hours. X should take around 50 hours, its kinda easy and extremely easy to lvl later on. 12 is supposed to have around 70-80 hours gameplay without the sidequests. The 2-5 ones always take me quite awhile, but I would be prepared to put a minimum of 20-30 hours in each game and thats blowing past sidequests and easter eggs.

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  • Kurtis
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    10 years ago

    It could take quite some time - most of the games clock in at least 40 hours from beginning to end even if your sole focus is the main quest. Good luck. :)

    Source(s): Tried the same thing, and lost interest after a while. Now I just play what I want to play.
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