cervical cancer from having sex?

hey everyone im 16 nd lost my virginity like a few months ago (april) . so ive heard people talking about getting cervical cancer in my ovaries which will cause me to become infertail because of a hpv virus. what's the chances of my bf having it if he never had sex before? what's the chances of me having it? i really want to have kids one day... SOOOOOOOOOOO BADDDDD :( ANDDD what's the longest i can go without checking to see if i have it cause i cant tell my mom, so i want to get a pap but i really cant yet.. how long can i go before it can really make me becomeinfertilel. please any answers will help. i just want to know im not lone and am i worrying about anything i dont need to ? thanks!!!

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    Cervical cancer and cancer of the ovaries are two different cancers.

    HPV is found in virtually all cervical cancer...but most women with the virus don't progress to cancer.

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) is now recommending women begin cervical cancer screening at age 21, instead of 3 years after the onset of sexual activity, as was previously recommended by the group. ACOG has also modified its recommendations for how often women should be screened for cervical cancer.


    Cervical caner is rare in the woman younger than 25. Cervical cancer is usually slow growing, they are some exceptions here...but again cervical caner is rare in the young woman.


    Planned Parenthood does offer Pap testing for the young woman. A Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes...once abnormal cell changes are found then an HPV test can be done. HPV testing may not be done at Planned Parenthood for the woman under the age of 30, because acquiring an HPV infection is very common in the young woman...and most HPV infection will regress in a few in two years...may regress before two years.


    Genital HPV types are rarely found in virgins. HPV can be transmitted during hand to genital sex, you can acquire genital HPV types without engaging in vaginal sex.

    Condoms do help prevent genital HPV types...but they do not give 100% protection from the virus.

    Planned Parenthood can offer you advice on birth control, this is something you do need to think about if you are going to engage in sex.

    HPV doesn't cause infertility...but other STI can. Again Planned Parenthood can give you advice here.

    Can you talk to your mother about getting one of the HPV vaccines. The do work best when given before any sex but you will still get some benefits from the vaccine. The vaccine doesn't prevent all HPV types. They are 40 genital HPV types.

    A pelvic exam with Pap testing are important steps in healthy reproductive system.

    I wish you well.

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    You get hpv from someone else. So neither of should have it.

    Cervical cancer involves the cervix, not the ovaries.

    Cervical cancer is detected by pap smears usually and, found early, has an excellent prognosis. It is slow-growing.

    Usually abnormal cells show up first on the pap and so the doctor checks a little more often.

    If you had hpv, and there are some that are more dangerous than others, oftentimes your body can clear it out of your system itself.

    And the abnormal cells, when they show up, sometimes do the same.

    Your best bet, for peace of mind, is to get a pap smear.

    Find a gynecologist you feel comfortable enough to talk to about concerns as they arise.

    If you're gonna be having sex, you better deal with it like an adult.

    Find a clinic where you can get the pap smear.

    But consider telling your mom. She loves you, hopefully not just the image you think she has of you. Give her a chance to be there for you.

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    10 years ago

    If he was a virgin too, very low. Esp if he used a condom. You want to use a condom even if you are on the pill or other birth control. You can't have too much birth control.

    Cervical cancer will take longer than a couple of months to show up. This is why you need a pap smear once a year after you become sexually active.

    If you have a regular doctor, give them a call and say that next time you go in for a physical (or whatever) you want a pap smear. And then just march on in like normal. If you don't have a regular doctor, look for Planned Parenthood. People get all freaked out because some locations perform abortions. Most don't. They all provide education and access to birth control.

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    Can Sex Cause Cervical Cancer

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    Mehan, I raised 3 daughters and even though I stressed not having sex before marriage, it didn't stop them. You haven't considered the obvious, you want a baby, well you just might get your wish. This happened to my oldest daughter. She got preganant just before she turned 17, she thought it was going to be like babysitting. She found out soon enough that it's more than babysitting because you don't give the baby back to anyone. You keep it, raise it, feed it bathe it school it, clothe it all before this child turns 18 and then some. Luckily, my grandauther was good child. I'm proud of her. When my daughter told me she had sex, I didn't get angry at all, I know the temptations put on a young woman by a guy. He told her she couldn't get pregnant the first time. I always told her she could and she couldn't use that excuse with me. but she tried and it didn't work. You can't get cervical cancer in the ovaries. That's called ovarian cancer. IF it really was this boys first time, you can't get and HPV either. That's a sexually transmitted disease so if he never had sex before you, then it's not possible that is if he's telling the truth. As far as getting a pap test a doctor will only do them on a sexualy active woman. The only place a girl can go without her parents finding out is Planned Parenthood. The law came into effect a few years ago. If an underage girl went to see them before she turned 18, then they cannot report to the parents of the girl unless the girl gave permission. I don't agree with premarital sex. I never did and I always told my girls that. I was a virgin when I got married, but none of my daughters were. 1 of them was pregnant before she got married and the 2nd had the child already. At least my youngest had the intellingence to practice safe sex before she got married and yes, she told me.. It's not an easy life for a girl who should be out with her friends, going to proms, going out for pizza or to the mall... you know, all the fun things girls your age do. That all stops when you have a baby. No matter how much you want a baby, you're still to young. This is no way to lead your life. You have to be smart and think of the consequesnces. Use protection, use birth control pills. You can get those with planned parenthood. Go see them because I know from experience, you will do this again so get on birth control and graduate with your class. When my daughter's class graduated, she had a 1 yr old baby and she cried because she missed out so much. She loves her daughter, don't get me wrong, but she regretted missing out on all those things kids your age do. Think about it. Do you really want a baby this young? Do want to go to places with your friends? Do you want to graduate with your class? Take all of these things into consideration and don't believe guys that say they are virgins. Maybe some of them are, but not many unless they're 12. I hope you're not pregnant for your sake because then your mom will have to know won't she? Take it slow. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up because you're going to be a grown up longer than you're going to be a teen. I wish you the best.

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    It would be much better to get immunized first. The immunization protects you from infection with certain strains of HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer. If you are already infected, the immunization won't help you, and you will still have an increased risk of cancer. They will still give you the jab if you have had sex, since it would be difficult to tell if you boyfriend had infected you, but it might not be effective at preventing cancer. Best advice - wait to have sex, don't wait to get immunized. Your boyfriend should be man enough to wait to protect your health. Oh, and use a condom every time. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases that can't be prevented by immunization and you don't want to pick up one of those.

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    10 years ago

    You can't get cervical cancer in your ovaries. You get cervical cancer in your cervix, and ovarian cancer in your ovaries. Cervical cancer is caused by HPV, you are correct. But as I am SURE you used condoms, because you would have to be kind of mentally deficient not to, you would be ok. One note, no teenage girl should believe any teenage boy who says he is a virgin. Sometimes it is true, but more often than not, if he's telling you he is... it is to make it easier to get sex without having to use a condom. It is a common ploy. So these things should all have been thought out BEFORE having sex, not after the fact. You need to get to the gyn and get on some birth control (yes, you still need condoms) and they will do a pap then.

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    10 years ago

    First you need to quit listening to people talking because apparently who you are listening to have no clue what they are talking about. Even the answers you received here are wrong.

    Having sex does not cause cancer.

    You are supposed to get pap smears within a year of first intercourse or at 18 years old whichever comes first.

    Cervical cancer would have to be very advanced to have any effect on the ovaries.

    HPV is not the cause of cervical cancer it is a risk factor for it.

    HPV has nothing to do with the ovaries.

    You can be a virgin and still have HPV and nearly everyone who has been sexually active has it.

    You can get HPV while using condoms.

    Cervical cancer does not cause infertility, but the treatment might.

    HPV does not cause infertility.

    Cervical cancer is not very common there are only about 11,000 cases each year.

    Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
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    10 years ago

    I'm your age. You are too young to have sex simply because you don't know all this information.

    Please, please, PLEASE check out www.scarleteen.com. It's a good website on this sort of information.

    If he's never had sex before, chances are that he doesn't have HPV. Thousands of teens screw each other everyday that don't have cervical cancer or HPV. Chill out.

  • Cancer and hpv are not the same thing, nor to my knowledge does one lead to the other. One solution would be since you 16, driving yourself to a local womens health services. If you cant drive yourself, have a friend or someone drive or something. If the guy was a virgin too, he shouldnt have any std's....and with the not telling your mom thing...i learned the hard way itd be alot easier to tell her sooner rather than later...

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