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how do mangakas keep up with their ridiculous deadlines!?

I would also like to know the amount of work per deadline for: Darkhorse, ShonenJump, and Tokyopop if you would know. Thank you.


what I mean is that for the average weekly deadline, the (single) mangaka has to produce 17-20 consecutive pages. Every page has an average of 6 panals. simple multiplication means AT LEAST 102 pictures a week on average. Not only that but also keeping their stress levels low enough to keep writing their story. Assistants help, but that doesn't take main workload off.

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  • Genten
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    10 years ago
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    First, neither Tokyopop nor Dark Horse produce manga. They license existing properties from Japan and distribute them in English.

    The fact is that very few manga-ka actually have weekly magazines that their manga runs in. It is much more common for a manga to run in a monthly or seasonal magazine. These magazines have much laxer deadlines than weekly ones like Shounen Jump or Shounen Sunday.

    Now, if a manga does run in Shounen Jump, that manga-ka has a ton of assistants helping them. In the case of one shots that might run in the magazine then the manga-ka might only have one, or no, assistants. For someone like Misashi Kishimoto there needs to be assistants to help ink, color, and storyboard. The actual manga-ka probably does most of the sketching and some of the color drawings but a majority of inking and screen toning are done by assistants. Adding speech bubbles and the like is generally done at the publishing house.

    Secondly, extremely hard work and dedication. You do not get picked to run in Shounen Jump for no reason. If you want to keep your spot in the magazine then you work your butt off making the manga. Some manga-ka's draw their chapters on a week by week basis. Others prefer to draw ahead of the deadline, meaning that they have already started on chapter 14 if chapter 10 was running in that week's issue.

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  • First off, Tokyopop is a publisher that licenses all its material from other publishers. It does not employ authors/artists or produce original content.

    As far as being a mangaka goes, for Shonen Jump you are on a weekly deadline. You basically have to produce twenty pages or thereabouts every week. Most mangakas generally get one or two chapters ahead to give them a little leeway and then have assistants to do things like detail works.

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  • 10 years ago

    Good, speedy assistants, a helpful editor, and having no life outside of drawing.

    Really, they do have a lot to do, with coming up with ideas, script, and drawing 20 or so pages per week, and the approach varies from mangaka to mangaka.

    As far as independent companies, that varies, too. Tokyopop on its own only releases English translations for Japanese manga, and the series that it produces independently are released in full volume form as the creator finishes them, I believe.

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  • 10 years ago

    All-nighters?A lot of mangakas pull all-nighters,right?like staying up all night until they finish their work?

    Source(s): Bonus pages in manga!^__^
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  • 10 years ago

    Ridiculous? What do you mean with that?

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