Will I have a good shot at being accepted to Iowa State University?

I just finished my Junior year in High School. I live in Oregon. I'm ranked in the top quarter of my class, 3.72 accumulative GPA through my Junior year (on a 4.0 scale), I got a 4.0 my Junior year, I play basketball every year (on Varsity since I was a Sophomore), I played baseball my first 2 years, I have 130 hours of volunteer work (and counting), Leadership class my Junior year, Junior class Secretary, need 24 credits to graduate and I will finish with 31, taking Honors English, AP English, AP Biology, AP Calculus(these are all the AP classes my school offers), also took a CP Math class as a Freshman, 3 years of Spanish, 4 years of Math and History, I have FIVE years of Science, 1 full year of Art. I'm in National Honor Society my Junior and Senior years, plus I was voted the Secretary of National Honor Society for my Senior year. I also got a 26 on my ACT.

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    Why pay so much more to go to Iowa? Oregon has a good state school. Also, 26 on ACT sucks. The bar is usually higher for out of state students. Good luck with that.

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    you should have a very good shot

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