Can someone briefly explain the Iranian Hostage Crisis to me?

I need to know about this event for my final and I am a bit confused on Shah and Komeni's roles in the crisis.

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    It happened about a year after so-called Islamic revolution.

    I'm an Iranian myself,but please consider I don't support it.

    the story was,Islamist revolutionaries always accused the

    Shah to be an American agent,and when they finally succeeded

    in overthrown him,idealist as they were,they said"after the little

    devil(Shah),now it's the turn of great Satan!(United states),but

    the Shah was not accepted in the US till 1980 for medical treatment,

    and when it happened,the ultra-radical formation of students,called

    "the followers of Khomeini,student branch" attacked the embassy and

    took the officials as hostages,asking the extradition of the Shah from the

    US(he was already convicted to death in a show trial in default).the US

    naturally refused,but ordered the Shah to leave the US in 24 hours.but

    they kept only white hostages,and released a few black ones and explained

    that it was because "the whites have exploited the blacks in entire American

    History(which caused a lot of stories about Iranians hate Whites,even though

    Iranians always consider themselves white).It lasted for 444 days in total,and

    was the main cause of jimmy carter's defeat against Ronald Reagan.After Jimmy

    Carter was gone,it ended silently,under circumstances nobody full aware of.and

    it triggered the long-term of hostility between Iran and the US,and main cause of

    US support of Saddam Hussein in his attack to Iran,full support of Saudi Arabia

    and birth of Radical Islamist Movements,Soviet invasion to Afghanistan and it's

    collapse,and "new middle east as we know"(or we don't know fully yet!)

    and many of those "students are now ashamed of they have done,any most

    of them apologized,even face-to-face from ex-hostages.

    Source(s): It was a disgusting story!
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    5 years ago

    Reagan had made it very clear that Mr Carter's policies were the exact opposite of what his will be, and a train wreck was coming very soon. The Iranians were very aware that he was much more comfortable with confrontation, however, Iran was definitely feeling the economic pressures and isolation that had befallen them especially since one of the results was the mass expulsion of all Iranian immigrants and the subsequent lack of intelligence being received from within the US. I believe that Iran was looking for a way out of the mess that they had gotten themselves in, and Carter's exit gave them an excuse to extract themselves from the situation while trying to blame Carter. The truth was, Carter was the best patsy that they ever had.

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