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Low cost way to advertise a home cleaning company?

I wanted to do door hangers but I've heard mixed reviews about using them. I was thinking of hanging potpourri sachets on door knobs with my business card or mini-flyer attached. I figured home owners would pay more attention to something they could actually use instead of just a piece of paper. Honest opinions please, would this be a good way to gain customers?

PS. I asked in this category because it has more posters, and I'd like the opinion of people most likely to hire a house cleaner/keeper. Thanks in advance!


I have already done the classified listings and Google and the like. I'm trying to do something DIFFERENT. Everyone uses Google, YellowPages etc, including me, so I'm looking for a somewhat UNIQUE advertising method.

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    Here are just a few of what I found online:

    Magnetic signs and, or a vinyl wrap for your vehicle.

    Offer free evaluations or consultations.

    Post your business's fliers, cards and brochures on community bulletin boards.

    Place classified ads in free shopper papers.

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