Can I purchase this absinthe online without any legal problems?

It has 100mg of thujone and I read that you can't buy absinthe in the US with more than 10mg of thujone. If I purchased this, would I have any legal problems?


This person says they bought this product from new jersey, and it doesn't seem like they had a problem, but I still want to make sure before I purchase it:

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  • 10 years ago
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    If they're willing to ship it, you will probably be Ok, though it is illegal. Please note that absinthe has not been illegal in the US since 2007, but importing alcohol is still illegal, and regulated by both the ATF and your state LCC. I recently had to do some research for this myself, and I found out it's way too much trouble to obey the laws for importing alcohol. Depending on the state you live in, you would have to contact the liquor control commission for your state and fill out some forms, pay some taxes to the department of revenue, and since these are government agencies, it literally takes weeks to months for this to clear.

    All you're really risking is that this will be confiscated before getting to your house. There is a very slight chance of this happening, but considering the bottle you want to purchase is $200, you should keep this in mind.

    Since real (wormwood included) absinthe is legal in the states now, you may want to pick up a different brand at your local liquor store. You can also find wormwood itself in certain health food stores, if you simply wanted to experiment with the thujone.

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    I would be leery of buying absinthe that says it contains that much thujone, because they're probably exaggerating. Even tests on pre-ban absinthe show it didn't usually contain more than what is legally allowed in the US today... all the talk about it being this powerful hallucinogen with ungodly amounts of thujone was just hype from the temperance movement.

    I was reading through the responses here... Don't let anyone tell you you can make absinthe without wormwood. Grande wormwood is the *key* ingredient in absinthe. You can obtain wormwood pretty easily, the plant itself isn't illegal as far as I know.. but the process of making absinthe is very involved. There are kits like "Green Devil" that supposedly allow you to make your own absinthe by soaking a packet of herbs in vodka or something, but that's not real absinthe

    If you want to try some with a higher thujone content, it is possible to find, but like everyone else has said.. it's illegal and you'd risk getting it confiscated. Some online absinthe sellers use a courier service, but even then you risk legal problems. But something that claims to have 100mg is probably just saying that as a sales gimmick -- I wouldn't trust them. Keep in mind that the more thujone it has, the more wormwood it contains.. which means it's going to be extremely bitter. You can check out some reviews of King of Spirits Gold at the Wormwood Society in the link below. So far, I've found I agree with their reviews of everything I've tried!

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    10 years ago

    Ok, sounds like some info is needed.

    Tests done on vintage absinthe bottles from when it was legal and popular show that they contained far less thujone than 10mg. The thujone doesn't really do anything, and the more thujone that is used, the more bitter it is.

    Read this for the real info.

    You can buy that Absinthe King, but it not gonna taste good and you will not get what your wanting.

  • 10 years ago

    Only absinthe with thujone levels under 10 mg ppm is legal in the United States, even with the recent changes in federal law. No one legally purchased that absinthe in New Jersey, and that website is a British retailer.

    Regardless, you're probably only running the risk of having your shipment confiscated by Customs, not being arrested.

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    10 years ago

    The wormwood substituent of absinthe is what makes it illegal. If your absinthe is coming thru customs, it will be stopped. If it's already here, it's an illegal substance, so anyone who mails it to you is committing a federal crime. In addition, you could find yourself in legal trouble for RECEIVING it, because it IS an illegal substance.

    All the people I know who drink absinthe make their own. Most can't get the wormwood, but some actually do (I don't know where they get it though). I am in the SCA, and most of us make our own liquors and cordials. You might want to look up your local Society for Creative Anachronism chapter and see if you can make some brewing friends!

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  • 3 years ago

    it is humorous. i can't believe human beings are bashing you for this question. Absinthe is astonishing. that's criminal around the sea, and that i drank some in Amsterdam. I certainly have drank the "fake" stuff too, and it purely tastes a tad diverse. It tastes like licorice and springs one hundred ten-a hundred and twenty evidence. i could desire to reserve some too. purely google it and hopefully some distributor will %. it up close on your area. no longer opium, Wormwood, and it is not banned worldwide. i'm shocked of the misinformed right here. It would not reason hallucinations until you drink a lot of it. stay out of the beer, wine, and spirits area in case you may no longer answer this way of quesiton! enable me understand in case you come across any on line!

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    The only thing to do is try. My son and his friends (who are of legal age -- very important) got some but I don't know if it was from that website. I don't know where the website is, but if there were going to be problems they'd let you know when you tried to order if they are reputable. The worst that could happen is that customs would seize it and you'd lose your money. I just checked the website and they say they deliver to the US -- read the terms and consitions part.

  • 10 years ago

    Yeah, that's illegal in the U.S. if you order it online you run the risk of customs confiscating it, they cay even cause you legal troubles.

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