Does Monaco Have a National Football Team?

It looks like Monaco does not have a national football team. So, can their players play for France or Italy?

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    They do have a national team. The Monaco national football team is not recognized by FIFA. It represents the principality of Monaco since 2000

    Monaco is not a member of the UEFA and does not participate in any of their international tournaments. The goal of the Monegasque Football Federation, which controls the team, is to gain officially recognized status.They were members of the NF-Board, which organizes matches for unrecognized national teams, and have accepted an invitation to take part in the inaugural VIVA World Cup. In that competition Monaco finished second, after losing 21-1 to Sápmi in the final. Monaco left the NF-Board organisation in 2010.

    Monaco does, however, have a highly successful club team, AS Monaco FC, staffed almost entirely by non-Monegasque footballers. It plays in the French Ligue 1.

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    They have a team but they are not a member of FIFA. None of their players would be good enough for France or Italy anyway.

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