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I only watched the highlights of the game, did Spain play poorly, or was the swiss defense really good. What happened ?? Can Spain potentially not get out of the group. Can they lose against Chile, and if the swiss beat Honduras, Spain is out, right? Is this reasonable??

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    10 years ago
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    Spain played perfectly, they did almost everything right, they just weren't able to finish it. Spain had 21 shots in the middle of the 2nd half and had 69% possession. The Spanish defense could of done more but overall Spain was solid. What seems to have happened is they may of underestimated Switzerland, because Switzerland was dedicated to the match, they never gave up (they could of won 2-0 but the chance hit the post). i kept seeing 4-5 in the back this must of kept the defense line solid against Spain (even when Spain committed fully to attack especially towards the end of the game), Switzerland exploited this.

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    Spain played like Spain. We controlled the possesion of the ball the most, and were on the Swiss territory for more then half of the game !!

    There defense was ok, but Torres kept slipping up !!

    Ughh, We're not completely out yet though, we still have 2 more game, if we win those 2, we're bound to get more likely round of 16.

    We cannot afford to lose again !!!

    We can probably pull off a tie with chile, and a win wirh Honduras, just as long as the swiss win all their games.

    With that we can tie for runners up with Chile, and it'll be settled on goal differences.

  • In theory, Chile could beat Spain or Switzerland and have 6 points and Switzeralnd could beat Chile or Honduras and they would win up with 6 points. The bottom line is that Spain needs to beat both Chile and Honduras if they want to advance.

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    Spain is on their heels right now. They were playing their game.... passing well. Both goals by the Swiss were excellent, but you had a sense that Spain could come back at any second.... they missed on some wonderful attempts. It was a Swiss day at the World Cup!

    They have to win their next two games to assure that they advance!


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    Spain play like pretty boys. The Swiss played like footballers

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    haha.. you need to be excited.. observing all the different countries play and your prevalent performs very last=p i'm in simple terms hoping the journey isn't as uninteresting as lots of the different matches.. i assumed the holland journey could be tremendous even though it grow to be extremely stale.. i'm hoping Spain to play all out although.. i imagine the score will be 3-0... villa rankings 2 and fabregas rankings a million.. i'm hoping it really is.. global cup has been uninteresting so a lengthy way:/

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    After Watching this video i expeceted more. But It was the swiss defense it was suprisingly good. If your senario comes true that dosents mean they are out. But there is a small chanche

    Source(s): The video of spain review " Spain Review)
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    We're down but not out

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    10 years ago

    I think yes if they loose they are out!!

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