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Ok anti-gunners you're home alone and this happens, what do you do?


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And does this help you understand why the citizens of Arizona and other states are 'Fed Up' with waiting around for the federal government to do their duty?


@ Rock Star - You are flat WRONG in so many ways I don't know where to start. Check back and I'm sure some folks on here will educate you, unless you want to remain ignorant.

Update 2:

Firearms ownership in America is higher today than a decade ago. An estimated 80 million people own upward of 240 million guns. What percentage of them were involved in intentional or accidental deaths in the most recent year for which data are available? Barely one one-hundredth of one percent. Children under five are more likely to drown in water buckets or die in fires that they themselves start with cigarette lighters.

Update 3:

While the misuse of firearms generates publicity, the proper use of them for self-defense rarely does. Americans use firearms for protection more than two million times each year. Ninety-eight percent of the time, they only brandish their weapons or fire warning shots. However, each year gun-wielding citizens kill between 2,000 and 3,000 criminals in self-defense, an astounding three times the number killed by police. In a recent five-year period, the National Self-Defense Survey found that the number of legal, defensive gun uses was three to four times that of illegal, offensive gun uses—and that civilians using guns in self-defense save a minimum of 240,000 lives annually.

Update 4:

@ Lady Snow - You're wrong about Holder and Obama. If you want proof my email is open. I'll gladly send you proof of what they WOULD be doing if groups like the NRA weren't standing in their way.

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    Wow, That home owner needs to take some shooting lessons, if that had been my home I can guarantee that the police would know right where to find them. They would not have to look any further than my garage.

    @Rock Star

    If we had it your way there would be 4 armed suspects, do you actually believe that criminals are law abiding citizens? Even if the US Banned all guns, these guys brought them in from Mexico.

    Maybe you would do well to look at the country that has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Switzerland. Care to make a random guess.

    Switzerland has mandatory military service, all males must serve in the military, after your military service is ended you are required by law to take your weapon home with you. You will find at least one fully automatic weapon in each household.

    What crook in his right mind would want to break in to an occupied home when he knows that the people inside are likely to have more firepower than he has.

    If only 5% of the US population were carrying a firearm openly exposed on their hip, who would the mugger attack? If you think that the second amendment was only meant for standing armies your are wrong and if you are not carrying a weapon you could be DEAD wrong.


    Arizona is a right to carry state, a person can carry concealed without a permit. The state I live in is a may issue state, fortunately the county I live in is a will issue county and that permit is good state wide.


    OK so one incident does not a case make, this is a small list of the unlucky US citizens that did not make it.

    Jesus Manuel-Acostam, Saul Lopez-Acosta, Trinidad Castro-Acosta, Adam Allen, Antigone Monique Allen, John R. Barr, Robert Benn, Francisco Bernal, Josie Bluhm, Darness Brown,Jerry Dwane Braswell & Jerry Dwane Braswell Jr., Josslyn Dinoso-Brooks, Kent Boone, Jennifer Bower, Officer Phoenix Braithwaite, Margaret 'Peggy' Campbell, Jennifer Carter,Cheryl, Ian and Julinna Ceran

    Bob Clark, director of "A Christmas Story", Nayasheika Cooper, Charlie Derrington, Jeremia Reyes Diaz, Breanna Slaughter-Eck Officer Nick Erfle, Araseli Martinez-Fabela

    Kelly Frye, Adam Allen-Garcia,Christine Allen-Garcia

    Joycelyn Gardiner, Scott Gardiner,Hester 'Faye' Coleman

    Kristian Allen-Garcia, Officer Hugo Arango, Deborah Atkinson, Marc Atkinson, CHP Officer Gregory Bailey

    Hong Im Ballenger, Carol Bareis, Cindy Benitez, Dr. Claudia Benton, Kelly Bergen, Brittany Binger, Lisa Ann Bourquadez, Kenneth Bridges, James L. "Sonny" Buchanan

    Audie Burnette, Randy Burris, Officer Lawrence Cadena

    Margaret 'Peggy' Campbell, Joe Cantu, Melissa Carranza-Contreras, Ana Cerna, Min Soon Chang, Pascal Charlot

    Sister Helen Chaska, Paco Chavez-Tena, Frank 'Buddy' Cline, Bret Clodfelter, Hester "Faye" Coleman, Joey Cornell

    Joseph Crummy, Officer Vincent D'Anna, Kimberly Jo Dahmer, Mariella Deluna, Jeremia Reyes Diaz

    Lisa Dilks, Terry Dilks, Charlie Derrington,Chester Dillahunt

    John Doe, Noemi Dominguez,Lori Donohue and Kayla Donohue, Officer Michael Dunman, Beverly Duffield Amanda Jean Duran, Kris Eggle, Ernest Elliot,Cosme Encinas-Valenzuela, Dale Englerth Jose De Jesus Trinidad-Esparza, Tyler Evans, Deputy Frank Fabiano Jr.

    Randy Fout, Luz Maria Franco-Fierros, Officer Shane Figueroa, Jose Florino, Carolyn Frederick, Deputy Saul Gallegos, Virginia Garcia, Gabriel Garcia

    Scott Gardner (additional article, family website),Jeff Garrett

    Joseph Geller (additional article), Infant child of Amanda Gibbs, Officer Gary Gryder, Officer Daniel Howard Golden

    Raffy Gomez, Karlo Gonzalez, Zabdiel Gonzalez, Justin Goodman, Ronald Greene, Tony Grier, Patricia Guntharp

    Stephen Heiss, Israel Hernandez, Vinessa Hoera

    Wayne Hughes and Michelle Hughes, Officer Brian Jackson

    Patricia Henneken, Kimberley Hope, Natalie Housand

    Dustin Inman, Daniel Irwin, Hunter Javens, Jesse Javens

    Lola Jayne, Janette Jimenez, Conrad Johnson, Officer Rodney Johnson, Kathryn L. Jones, Peggy Keller, Cleo Virginia Kint, Dean Knospe, Amy Marie Kortlang, Amy Kortlang, Marten Kudlis, Allison Kunhardt, Marcus Lassiter

    Jasmine Lawrence, Emilia Lee, James Lee, Felix Leon

    Ben Leonard, Officer Loren Lilly, Christina Long, Daniel D. Longoria, Laurie Lynn Lorenzen, Christopher Maier, Mackenzie Maddox, Dominic Malegni, Deputy David March

    Dorothy Marciniszyn, Miguel Marquez-Vargas, James Martin, Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, Reginald McEachin

    Daniel McKenzie, Helen Meghan, Chief of Police Ernest V. Mendoza, Amber Merkl, Dean Harold Meyers, Michael Mignogna, Chris Miller, Arnulfo Morales, George Morber, Sr.

    Ruben Morfin, Oscar Mosqueda, Alex Munoz, David Nadel

    Ruben Najera, Mary Nagle, Tanee Natividad, Rasheen Newkirk, Emilee Olson, Ryan Ostenforf ,Lonarda Dubon Ramos, Sarah Ramos, Jose Riascos, Mary Richey, Frederick Rickabaugh, Oscar Rios, Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera

    Shawn Michael Robinson, James F. Rogers Jr., James and Margie Rook, Lori and Adrian Roundtree,Riley Rutherford

    Mary Sadler, Guadalupe Sanchez, Emily Sander Michael Seitz, Gary Selby, Debra Serecky, Juan Serrano, Christopher Shackleford, Gissela Silvestre, Dacus Lamont Sims, Erika Rubi Meza, Karen Sirnic, Reverend Norman J. "Skip" Sirnic, George Smith, Travis Smith, Lt. James Lee Sunderland, Michael Sprinkles, Reed Stevens, Michael Stowe, Andrew Stear, William Sullo III, Gary Thureson

    Kelly Tracy, Tessa Tranchant, Francisco Marquez-Vargas

    Gilberto Garcia Vasques, Mario Enrique Villanueva, Wendy VonHuben, Prem Kumar Walekar, Paul B. Watry, Cheryl Williams, Gail Williams, Sean and Donna Wilson, Louella Winton, Christopher Woodby, Detective Donald Young

    Thomas Youngstafel, Officer Tony Zeppetella

    In 2006 alone, illegal immigrants have killed more US citizens than we have had soldiers die in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The two videos you have shown are what go's on this country thousands upon thousands

    of times per day. More Criminal assaults are turned away by Legal Hand gun owners in

    this country than by sworn peace officers. If you don't have a weapon or are in fear of a

    weapon. Get yourself some form of protection. Now your first video these guys had semi

    automatics. Hard to say what the bottom line motive was. Robbery for sure. Possibly

    Homicide. The Home owner through the element of surprise. Turned this attack around

    on the bad guys. However this home owners marksmanship definitely needs to improve.

    He should have hit all four in the way they were configured.

    As for the 2nd Video this gos on everyday, Gang members killing innocent kids. Illegal

    gang members killing innocent kids. Only you the people can empower your local sheriffs

    dept or Police dept, to go after these people and send a message so loud and clear.

    It could be heard in Mexico.

    For those of you who do not own a gun. Call your local Crime prevention office, See what

    details and programs are available to you as alternatives to a gun.

    Source(s): Robbery/Homicide Lt.
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    None of that will do any good if: A) There is not an up to date NATIONAL database that lists all individuals who for one reason or another are prohibited from owning a gun. B) Using that database in a background check isn't required on EVERY gun purchase C) The gun show loophole isn't closed D) Accessories that increase a guns killing power, such as high capacity clips, are not regulated. E) The laws aren't actually enforced.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This shows federal incompetency on so many levels. This is why I will never have a home without having at least one gun in it. I may have a shotgun loaded with rock salt, but I definitely will have one that is the real deal. To hell with PC, if you come onto my property with obvious intentions of doing me harm, I will defend myself with anything from a kitchen knife to the kitchen sink.

    EDIT: @Lawgirl- there are far more than one example. Maybe we should make a wall next to the Vietnam Wall, listing all the victims of illegal aliens and coyotes, maybe then you would get it through your head that these are not isolated incidents.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They would do like Carl Rowan did.

    When they saw naked teenagers skinny dipping in his backyard hot tub without permission, they would pick up a gun that he later said wasn't his (somebody carelessly left a loaded pistol at his house....), then start blasting away at them like Clint Eastwood.

    The people who shouldn't have guns are the ones who want to take away other people's guns. They are the ones who are dangerous with a gun. They want to outlaw guns because they think everybody else is as stupid as they are.

    Carl Rowan was a prominent nationally known gun control advocate.

    EDIT: Rock Star, what if they brought the guns with them from Mexico. You know, illegally? Funny thing, illegals ARE know to do illegal things....what part of this are you not getting?

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    I like the Texas Castle Doctrine. You have a right to use deadly force to prevent the commission of a crime anywhere you have a legal right to be. That means at work, at a restaurant, school on the bus, as long as you are not trespassing, you can take action. And you don't have to be the target of the crime in question to take action to stop it. If you see a mugging on a public street, you can shoot the mugger. I think its a very good law.

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    Since the anti-gunners have refused to answer your question, and have chosen instead to recite the same tired rhetoric and platitudes, I will be kind and answer the question for them: They would do nothing, and as a result they would be slaughtered. The media would turn a blind eye to their lack of ability to defend themselves, their families would never recover from the loss, and gun advocates would shake their heads in disbelief, wondering why people refuse to take responsibility for their own lives and their own safety, when clearly our government does not. You're welcome, anti-gun crowd. Have a nice day. My Smith & Wesson and I are doing well, thank you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can't call the cops, unless you want them looking more for what the gunmen were looking for than for the gunmen. Why persue danger when we can manufacture a crime right here?

    I guess by now you can tell I have a very low opinion of those "pubic sevants" (not a mis-spelling)

    That having been said, I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Those gunmen knew their victim AND what they were after.

  • bwlobo
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    If people are willing to commit the crime of slipping into the country without permission, it might stand to reason that they have no respect for our laws and will break even more once they're here. Add in Mexican drug lords and Central American gangs, and it looks like we should all be fleeing to Canada to save our hides.

    Source(s): bwlobo
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    AZ is doing what the fed gov. should be doing for the rest of the states. The fed gov is NOT going to come take away any ones guns. That has never been said. Fed's just want to take illegal guns off the street.

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