Good Script lines for Alice in Wonderland?

I am doing a play for a drama festival at my school and my form have chosen to alice and wonderland. Im 13 by the way. I Have chosen to be a script writer and im having writers block. I have to think of a few lines for people to say at the auditions. I cant think of anything and i need to do alice, alices sister, cat and the caterpiller. I just need 4-5 lines for each person or an idea

Please help!!!

Thank u xxx

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  • SOS
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    Alice: “How tall are you?”

    Caterpillar: “Exactly three inches high.”

    Alice: “That’s a wretched height.”

    Caterpillar: "I think it is a very good height indeed."

    Cat: “He’s short… that’s all.”

    Alice: “Short… short… that’s all you say?”

    Cat: “Can something that does not have a body be beheaded?”

    Alice: “I have often seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat.”

    Caterpillar: “How tall was that grin without a cat?”

    Cat: “It was a wretched height.”

    Alice: “It wasn’t either.”

    Caterpillar: “How tall was it then?”

    Alice: “It wasn’t tall at all. Grins aren’t tall or even measured by height.

    They’re measured in width.”

    Cat: “What width would you give it?”

    Caterpillar: “I’d give it a five.”

    Alice: “You’d give it a five? Did you even see it?”

    Caterpillar: “Come to think of it… no, I haven’t seen a grin without a cat.”

    Cat: "Name your grin width, now, Alice, out with it?"

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  • I do not know much about Alice in Wonderland... (Really, I keep trying to read the stories, but I am too easily distracted...) But I think that perhaps if everyone was in costume in wonderland... either lost or having tea... it would be quite easy to come up with a few things for them to say.

    Alice's sister could be in the side at the beginning, calling to Alice like "Where are you? Oh Alice?" and searching for her and such... then she could give up, and the lighting could come up on their tea party.. or them being lost and Alice might say "Oh, where am I?" and of course the cat and the caterpillar, they would know.. but the cat thinks it is all in fun and is being mischievous.... The caterpillar would ask the same questions back and add more to the confusion.. It depends on how you set up and what you can possibly do...

    This was only a quick idea so I'm not even really sure if it fits...

    Also, if they have tea it could spill and you could work out that situation... i know it seems silly but for some reason I would imagine the question: "What is a spill if it hasn't spill't?" being asked, though random and completely useless...

    I hope I helped at all...

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  • schur
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    4 years ago

    this may be a fave tale and lines have already been written. Copyright allowing, you will possibly desire to receive lines of the triumphing tale and then adapt as mandatory to in great condition the limitations of your play. as an occasion, you will possibly be able to might desire to produce a shortened version of what you initiate with with the intention to in great condition right into a smart college play timescale. on the different hand, according to danger the least perplexing direction is to get a short, undemanding version of the tale - if one exists - and paintings from that. The play might income from you introducing some cutting-part lines and/or references to issues in any different case familiar to human beings interior the college. as an occasion, a minor character might desire to be named after a nicely-time-honored individual or common television character. this may be used to make the play extra exciting and extra relaxing. i've got seen this completed with Shakespear on degree in Edinburgh, Scotland. you're very success to have this danger. you will choose examples of screenplay format with the intention to comprehend what to produce and grant to solid contributors, etc. stable success. according to danger you would be a nicely-time-honored exhibit screen-author sooner or later.

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