Does anyone know how you can find out if someone is still alive,without paying for it?

This is a serious question..thanks for your help

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    1 decade ago
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    In the USA, if the person is on

    he is almost certainly dead. (They have 83 million names, and odds are at least one of them is a mistake; John Smith from Beloit dies, but the one whose middle initial is Q, not P, gets on the roll, because the coroner transposes two digits of the SSN.)

    If he is not there is does not mean he is alive. Worst case, a homeless man dies in the wilderness / desert / ocean, and his body is never found, or, when found, is unidentifiable.

    If he is on www.zabasearch or any of the web-based nation-wide telephone books, and you call and he answers, he is alive.

    You can look for him in facebook, then write to his friends.

    What you do depends on his generation (most teens are on facebook, many geezers are not), what state he lived in, and how many of his friends / classmates you know.

    If you Google with quotation marks:

    "John Smith" Beloit Obituary

    "Smith, John", Beloit Obituary

    "John Q Smith" Beloit Obituary

    and find his, he is dead. if you don't, he isn't necessarily alive.

    There is no free, comprehensive, nation-wide death index on-line for any nation.

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