Why are opposite sex friendships virtually nonexistent around here?

I live in a moderately-sized city in the southeastern US, (Pop. 60,000) and I've noticed something odd here. No one my age (19) has good friends of the opposite sex. If you see an opposite sex friendship, they're either friends with benefits, or one of them is gay.

I've noticed my male friends are cool with hanging out, but when I bring up the idea female friend, the first thing they always say is "Why?"

Can someone explain this to me?

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  • 10 years ago
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    platonic relationships between girls and boys can only exist if both people find something vaguely repulsive about the other person.

    i guess your city is filled with desirable people :D

  • Andrea
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    10 years ago

    You are in what is called a "limbo" state where everyone only associates with their own, not by choice but by inheritance a) likely because they have tried to have friendships with the other sex and failed b) they like friendships with their own sex, and c) they have been brought up together, i.e. in close proximity say school/college so they consider girls as childhood mates, instead of being sexual objects and finally d) you may have to be the one who breaks the rules and show them that friendships can be made with the other sex, and that will be by far the most challenging. That is if you are interested, or you could just become part of the crowd and wait until society changes and finds females of some interest, i.e. it may have to be the visit of an out of state female and attractive, where all the male hormones kick in and you will have major problems on your doorstep:)

    The hormones appear to have kicked in and kicked out because of social norms:).Some societies show latent tendencies, small town mentalities i.e. they only mature around the 23-25 year old group and then girls become of some interest. You may find that the girls are also tom boyish in appearance and are considered buddies as against girlfriends. And, the "why" is likely because they see nothing special in having a girlfriend and in a way it is kind to the girl, otherwise there will be abortions, and heart break:).

    Source(s): had a husband who was a sociologist who found males more interesting:).
  • 3 years ago

    ........................................... while somebody is in a courting already, they do no longer seek for out friends from the different gender. This basically happens while somebody is unmarried, with the intention to length up for a destiny courting, no longer something greater. in case you experience that it incredibly is complicated to make friends of the choice gender, merely make it sparkling once you first meet somebody which you have an interest in a courting via asking them out. in the event that they reject, ask somebody else. Then lady jealously will set in, and the greater you ask, the greater they'll prefer you.

  • anon
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    10 years ago

    Because they're stupid and immature.

    Half of my friends are women, the other half are men. And all of us are friends. Yours must still live under a rock or something.

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  • 10 years ago

    There is no explanation to that, it a crazy a$$ town people are crazy. if you can't fight them join them.

  • 10 years ago


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