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does lsd produce effect the first time?

im gonna try lsd for the first time this weekend....but ive heard it rarely affects first time users?is this true?...is 200 micrograms good for a first trip?

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    It depends on several factors.

    What medication one is on (some meds counteract or greatly diminish the effects of LSD).

    Whether or not one has taken any substances that shows cross tolerance with LSD (psilocin mushrooms, MDMA, some "Research chemicals") recently, usually within the past three days. This will diminish the effects.

    If the substance taken is in fact LSD, some other substance or nothing psychoactive at all.

    The amount of LSD (concentration and how much it has degraded).

    If the LSD is taken with chlorinated water (chlorine is pretty good at quickly degrading LSD).

    For ones first time with this substance, it is of vital importance for there to be a "trip sitter" present, someone who has information about how to "sit for a tripper", and that the users state of mind is such to facilitate a good experience, as well as the setting that the trip is to be taken in.

    In such a case, it may be prudent that if one does wish to have such an experience, that one is informed as to how powerful such an altered state of perception can be.

    LSD can last up to 12 hrs, although the majority of effects usually only last 6 - 9 hrs. For first time use, if one has no or little experience with strong hallucinogens, it would be better possibly to take just 1/4 - 1/2 of a hit and not re-dose, regardless of how one may feel, for at least 3 -5 days after.

    Then, if one is comfortable with the experience, dependant on how comfortable, then raise the dose by up to double.

    I can't find the exact source right now, but psychologists found that 1 microgram per kg of body weight was sufficient in most patients to elicit a hallucinatory response.

    In some patients, especially those with alcoholism, (something like) 2 - 4 micrograms per kg of body weight was needed.

    In clinical settings, the starting dose was usually 25 micrograms, never normally rising above 200 micrograms once the 'right' dosage was found.

    Here is some good information on LSD use:


    Please note that I do not participate in, passively nor actively, not advocate any illegal activities.

    Source(s): www.drugs-forum.com www.erowid.org real life experience books and scientific literature over two decades of research.
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    That's a crock, it does.

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