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Will we ever see Pacquiao or Mayweather on regular HBO again?

Have these fighters risen to a height where we will never see them fight live on an HBO broadcast? Is that good for boxing?


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    I cannot see either of them ever fighting on regular HBO ever again because HBO's budget is simply not big enough to pay for either of their fights without it being a pay per view. If either of them were to fight on regular HBO again, that would be the ONLY fight that we would see on HBO for about a year and that would really suck.

    In the case of Pacquiao, I can guarantee you that if HBO told him that they wanted to do one of his fights on regular television, Bob Arum would simply make it an independent pay per view without HBO's support because there are always going to be people who are going to buy a Manny Pacquiao fight even if he's fighting bums. And Arum has actually done this before on a few occasions with Pacquiao; after Pacquiao beat Erik Morales in their second fight, he took a fight in the Philippines against Oscar Larios and since that wasn't a big enough fight for an HBO PPV, Arum went ahead and made it a Top Rank PPV. He did it once again after the rubber match with Morales in which Pacquiao faced Jorge Solis- HBO wanted the fight but they didn't wanna put it on a pay per view that they knew wouldn't do so well, so Arum simply did the same thing that he does now with all of the "Latin Fury" and "Pinoy Power" cards where he shoves all these mediocre fighters, such as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. down our throats. And by that, I don't mean that Chavez Jr. is in Pacquiao's league but I mean that Arum puts on pay per view cards that aren't worthy of the price and if HBO were to turn down a Pacquiao fight because it wasn't worthy of a pay per view (such as a tuneup fight), then Arum would simply make it a Top Rank PPV. Before Pacquiao fought Clottey, there was a big debate going on about who HBO would support because Mayweather was also claiming that he wanted to fight on the same date and I recall Arum saying that if HBO didn't support them, then he would just make it an independent pay per view but there was no need for that because Mayweather ended up fighting Shane Mosley on May 1st.

    In the case of Mayweather, I cannot see him ever fighting on regular HBO again because he's never going to be in that type of fight again- from now on, he will only fight mega-fights that will garner him boatloads of cash. Before he returned to the sport against Juan Manuel Marquez, there was talk that he might take on a lesser opponent on regular HBO for an easy comeback bout but it wasn't feasible because Mayweather was asking for more money than HBO's budget allowed, so they made the fight with Marquez which turned to be a huge success on pay per view in addition to also being surprisingly easy for Floyd. Mayweather is at the pinnacle of the boxing world right now and he's not going to take a step down and have pointless showcase fights that are sure to be blowouts because he's only interested in the biggest of fights, which is why I think that he'll once again retire if he cannot get the Pacquiao fight and I say that because there is really no other realistic fight that he could be involved in that would get him HALF as much money and publicity.

    As far as if it's good for boxing, I would say it is because pay per view brings in a lot of the revenue that is necessary to keep the sport alive and thriving and there is nothing wrong with pay per view events as long as 1, they don't get excessive such as having like 12 per year and 2, they are worthy of the cost meaning that the main event is competitive on paper and isn't classified as a blowout. Pay per view only becomes bad when it becomes excessive and when the pay per views either don't feature world class fighters or they are bad matchups and since Pacquiao and Mayweather are basically carrying the HBO PPV sales all by themselves right now (there hasn't been an HBO PPV that didn't feature one of them since November 2008), you can be rest-assured that all of their upcoming fights will be HBO PPVs. It is said that the top 2 fighters in the sport get 98 percent of the money made and I think that's pretty accurate because both Pacquiao and Mayweather are in a class by themselves as far as making money and sparking public interest.

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    C) An epic battle worthy of Hype I want to see if Pacquiao can push Mayweather out of his comfort zone. Most Mayweather fights I have seen, Mayweather just always seem to be composed. However, early in his career Mayweather was quite a finisher, in fact I was quite shocked at looking at those earlier fights. I do not want to see a one sided victory by either fighter. Last really competitive bout for Pacquiao at 147 was against Cotto as far as I am concerned and Mayweather has not boxed in a while, his last competitive bout was against De La Hoya.

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    I think the days of regular HBO for either man is done. Pacquiao is at a point in which people are willing to watch him on PPV HBO and Mayweather... well, I just don't see fighting on regular HBO, because we all know he is about business, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

    Personally, I don't think it's good for boxing, only because it may make it difficult to lure potential new fans to the sport, especially when they may want to check out the hype of guys, like Pacquiao and Mayweather, just to name a couple.

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    Not by a long shot. Both fighters command millions and millions of dollars that HBO can not afford to show it for free. They have to get back their money with profit. Even with HBO, you still need the help of the cable company so for those who doesn't have cable will never have a chance to see them. We can only see them on a replay.

    It might not be good for boxing but I'm sure these two will never fight on a purse lower than what they were receiving right now. They both earn it and boxing is a job. They want to get paid as high as they can get.

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    floyd will NEVER take a HBO fight, unless hes forced into somehow, or it makes him look REALLY good, and he has a reason for doing so.

    Floyd would never loose that cash to look good. I actually highly doubt that manny would either.. Although, i know the media love him, and he plays on it, always being the humble pacman, he may try to put a tune up fight on HBO, but big fights, will always remain on PPV, because theres just too much money to be made.

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    Before Floyd backs out again, there is a way HBO can prevent that from happening. HBO can influence Floyd’s decision by informing him politely that if he does not want to fight Pacquiao now, the network will adjust their dealings and subsequently only pay Floyd percentages out of his pay-per-view numbers, with no guarantees. The numbers don’t lie, right?

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    I think it could be a possibility. Remember when ODLH fought Steve Forbes? Nobody three years ago thought he would fight on regular HBO again. Maybe if Money or Pac have a tune-up fight down the road, it may be a possibility.

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    There is no question about Manny as he signified his interest in fighting Floyd for the fans and the boxing world in general. He submits himself to Mayweather's demand even if he needs not to, but it seems Floyd is looking for a way out.

    Floyd is scared of losing to Manny and please don't go against that first opinion of mine because it is so glaring.

    Anyways, my second opinion is that Floyd maybe forced to fight Manny. Kind of Floyd is just working out to make sure he'll be taking huge amount from this because it's gonna be his last fight. Manny will send him into retirement for good. Don't be surprised to know that Floyd wants to be assured of an immediate rematch in his favor, just like what he demanded from Mosley. That's our Floyd.

    Remember? He didn't fight Shane for the belt, grabbing Soliman's 3 percent share. Greedy ***. Floyd forgets that he was nothing without the help of the boxing organization.

  • Yes, after Pac beat me up, I'm not gonna be in PPV anymore.

  • 10 years ago

    No. Not for free, anyway, if that's what you mean.

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