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1.clean the room. 打掃房間

2.television isn’t working..電視是不工作..

3.Noisy neighbors嘈雜的鄰居

4.Empty the garbage can清空垃圾桶

5.Lost reservation丟失保留 Lost預訂

6.Given wrong change由於錯誤的更改

7.Bathroom faucet leaking浴室水龍頭漏水

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Can you clean the room please?

    Yes sure, I'll send someone to clean your room up.

    2. The television isn't working. 電視壞了

    oh! that's so bad, I'll check it out, please wait.

    3.Hey, my neighbors are really noisy.

    I'm sorry, I ask them to be quite, or I'll change your room if you would like to.

    4.Can you empty the garbage can?

    yes, sure!

    5.I lost the reservation

    No worries, you can just fill out some applications and you can get your room!


    7. The faucet in leaking in the bathroom.

    we'll fix it soon.


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