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rvd asked in SportsWrestling · 10 years ago

Who else thinks that John Morrison should use the Sweet Chin Music as his finisher?

He does it perfectly. Check it out:


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He calls it the "Nitro Blast".

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  • 10 years ago
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    No. I mean, he does do it well, but its an HBK signature. When people see people tuning up the band, its a tribute to HBK now. If John Morrison started doing it in his moveset, he kind of kills it. I'm okay with it once in a while, but truth is, if Morrison tuned up the band and did the move regularly, its not really an HBK signature. What one of the reasons that HBK was so great? His finisher, Sweet Chin Music was pure awesome. (There are many reasons, I'm not acting like a kid that just says its awesome, even though it is). I mean, we all now Sweet Chin Music is really just a super kick with theatrics, but somehow, its still says, Shawn Michaels. So I'm fine if Morrison uses the superkick as a signature move, hell, a lot of wrestlers have, but I don't want to see him tuning up the band like HBK did. I say, keep it with the original. Plus, it kinda cliches with Morrison gimmick. Morrison is more about finesse and perfect execution while Sweet Chin Music says, "hurry up so I can knock your teeth down your throat."

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  • No.

    Just, no.

    I'm one of the biggest Morrison fan you'll ever meet and believe me when I say that I want the absolute best for him, but using a move such as that will NOT be good for him in the future.

    People are already calling him the "Next Shawn Michaels" and if that move is used by him, then that's what he'll most likely end up as.

    I know you're probably saying "Hey, isn't that a good thing?"

    Well let me tell you that it's not.

    John Morrison is John Morrison.

    He isn't HBK.

    Nor will he ever be.

    He can only be JOHN MORRISON.

    From now, he can either rise to the popularity that Shawn had, or even surpass it.

    If he uses that move as his finisher, then he won't be taken seriously as JOHN MORRISON.

    He'll be looked upon as a second-rate Shawn Michaels. A rip off. Someone placed in to fill the void that HBK left.

    Now mind you, he can use it. But not as his finisher.

    It worked back then because he was currently in a feud with DX. What better way than to make an impact by using your opponents finisher nearly as good as they do?

    But as of now...He should stick to his own maneuvers...that way he can be the star that he's destined to be.

    A star who'll be know as John Morrison...and not a rip off of HBK.

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  • morrison only did that cause he was heel. idont think morrison should use that as a finisher tho. but if he were to use the move id say do it without the tuning up.. also the kick flip was nice

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  • 10 years ago

    Agreed! He should continue to live on the legend of the Heart Break Kid in his own way. Morrison would look great including that in his repertoire.

    Source(s): Hardcore Wrestling fan of 15 years.
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    How about cena starts doing the stunner


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  • 10 years ago

    I think he should perfect his own variation of that move. Make it better, more memorable and original.

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  • 10 years ago

    Looks good,but Starship Pain is better for him..

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  • 10 years ago


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  • 10 years ago

    hell yeah

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