Can a college student be able to make it on their own as a waitress?

Working at a nice restaurant? A restaurant better than denny's and chilis but not as upscale as ilke Perry's steakhouse.. Will I be able to earn enough to live in my own apartment in houston? Has anybody here tried it? I don't have much of a choice, I need to afford my own place..

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    Yes. You have to watch your money and it wont be a snap, but yes, it is possible. I'm doing it. the best thing about waitressing is you can do it at nite and weekends and go to school during the week--you can also get a roommate/s to help with the bills and/or you can also go on food stamps b/c working as a server, it often appears you don't make much money. Also you'll save money on food b/c you get 1/2 off the food where you work! i recommend you work holidays, weekends, and nites. thats the best money. basically you'll be able to go to college from 8-4 (or maybe even 5-10, if you choose to work lunches instead. that works too) now, lunches are not as lucrative as dinner shifts, but as long as you make sure you work weekends, you should be fine.

    Make sure you get into a busy resturant w/decently priced menu items, that way you can get decent check averages and therefore good tips. i am working at chilis and i make great money (and chilis isnt even fancy). my cousin works at olive garden and also makes great money. just make sure you choose a busy resturant. busy means money!

    Never turn down a table, no matter what. get as many tables as you can get in a shift. the more tables you pick up, the more money you make. give great customer service and it will come back to you--think of this. even if you dont get percentage of the tip you deserve, your managers will love you and keep giving you great sections. the truth is, people are tipping terrible nowadays. but i'm still making at least 400 a week, so i think im doing ok.

    another thing--always close shifts! closing ensures you'll make a certain amount of money b/c you'll get more tables than anyone else.

    as a college student, you'll need a laptop/internet access so i recommend getting that, and i honestly love tv, and if i didnt pay for cable, id be going out and spending money to stay entertained anyways, so i just pay for cable cuz im gonna spend that money anyhow, ya know? another option is not getting cable and simply getting netflix--its nine bucks a month and you get all the dvds you want. i just love tv though--just the noise of it in the backround right now is comforting...

    I, also, chose an apartment that is close to EVERYTHING. my rent is about 545/month and i live on my own and its not easy, im not gonna lie, but having a roommate is so much stress. i hate it. id rather live on my own. so i live five minutes away from work and school and i save so much on gas money--think of this. if you find a super cheap place thats 30 min. away from everywhere you need to be, you'll end up spending the difference in gas money. think about it.

    dont go out to eat. eat at home, and if you do order food at work, have that one meal be your food for the day--split it up into 2 boxes and eat one half now, one half later--make it last.

    i am 22 years old and ive made the most money ive ever made waiting tables. my money varies--i make at least 400 a week, but ive made more certain weeks--it just depends. sometimes its 500 a week, sometimes 600, it just depends like i said. put your 40 hours in and you will definitely see at least 400 bucks TAKE HOME!

    Just watch where you spend your money. dont go out and drink, that will eat up your money soo fast. Pay your bills before you do anything else. basically.

    be patient w/the people you wait on. they have no idea what its like to wait tables or work in the service industry. many have no idea how to tip. however, you can make the money you need by picking as many tables as you want--especially as the nite goes on! most of my coworkers are anxious to get home as it gets later and they let me have all the tables that walk in 5 minutes til close. so i usually make about 30-40 bucks more than everybody else cuz of that.

    i know when youre young, you wanna have a life and go out and stuff--but working and attending college, i have no energy or time really. i sleep when im not thinking about school or work. i would recommend you take mondays-wednesdays off so you can study and do what you need to do. id also recommend getting a roommate if you can find a decent one. and definitely try to get on food stamps and live right near work and dont go out to eat. also, dont touch credit cards. they'll get you into trouble!!

    Good luck to you. I hope this helps and I hope and pray you succeed whereever youre going!

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    Well, I understand your feeling and know what you are worrying for, because I have the same experience with you. When you stay far away from home, you are the only person who should be responsible for everything in your everyday life. You need to pay for the accommodation, groceries and meals, parking, utility, and etc on your own. Thus, it's important for you to learn the ways to control your financial expenses. I think the salary of being a waitress in a nice restaurant might be able to cover the rental of your apartment with a thrifty spending habit. Therefore, you should always look at your expenses and cut out everything you don't need. If it is hard for you to make it, then I would suggest you to get a roommate. So the rental won’t burden you that much.

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    well my mom always told me you can do anything you put your mind to.

    Im gonna tell you....

    its not going to be easy, its going to be really hard. you wont be able to buy things that you want. but tons of people do it, some people even have a baby as they do it. and trust the work at a way worst job then just being a waitress.

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    If your good, don't rule out grants.

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