why might global warming raise the world's sea level?( 2qst)?

ok,please help,dont know.lol-2 questions..1) why might GLOBAL WARMING raise the world's sea level?? 2) why would such a change have a major effect on human life??

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    Uh, no, the ice does not melt and take up less volume. The fact that it's floating means that the entire volume of water is already in the ocean. Every last iceberg could melt and the ocean wouldn't rise an inch.

    Global warming is real. If it weren't, we'd still be marching around Europe from the last ice age fighting sabertooth tigers and hunting mammoth. That's obvious proof. Greenhouse gas? Probably not. But natural, yes.

    The problem isn't melting ice *caps* it's melting ice *sheets* of Antarctica and Greenland. Unlike the ice *caps* their water is not "already" in the oceans, so adding their meltwater would raise sea level.

    Rising sea levels would inundate coastal areas, and considering that 75% of the world population lives within 50 miles of the coast, and 10% live 33 feet or lower in elevation near the coast. Theoretically, if *all* the ice sheets melted (which would never happen), sea levels would rise by about 250 feet. Obviously a problem for New York, and parts of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami... these are just American cities.

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    The thought is that global warming will melt the ice caps and thus, the sea level will rise. This is silly thinking because the water generated by melting will have a lesser volume than the ice took up in the first place. Assuming of course the ice is floating in the ocean (which most of it is)

    The major effect would come because many cities are on a coast at sea level. If sea level rises then the cities will flood with water. Think New Orleans after Katrina.

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    while the glaciers on the land soften into the sea the point will upward thrust. I even have examine that when 60% of the land ice on Greenland and Canada has melted, there will be a dramatic upward thrust interior the sea point. Surf the internet with keywords glacier soften and sea point upward thrust. verify the photos and you will see maps of achieveable results of sea point upward thrust. in case you verify the internet internet site worldwide flooding you will see some worrying maps for 60 meter and one hundred meter rises. with a bit of luck this won't ensue!

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    no because though most people don't know this global warming is fake.

    plus when the ice melts its suppost to do that because thats spring.

    its just nature.

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