Where can I find a large assortment of outdoor acrylic paint?

I have an idea for a birdhouse that I want to make and decorate and I want to put it outside. My only problem is that I can't find all the colors i want to use in the outdoor paint at Wal-mart and Michael's. I haven't checked Hobby Lobby yet though, so I don't know if they have more variety or not in colors. Does anyone know where I can find some more colors? I want to use a cream color, light blue, light green and dark brown. I thought about just mixing white, brown and yellow to get a cream color.. but does anyone have any suggestions?


P.s: I also need sparrow stencils.

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    You can use either "craft" acrylic paints or you can use "latex" paints, for outdoor use if you want water-based paints...or you can use enamel paints if you don't mind the hassle of dealing with non-water-based paints and cleaning up with paint thinner/etc.

    You should certainly be able to get all the acrylic paint colors you mentioned from a craft store (not necessarily Walmart though) or an art supply store, but I'd suggest that you mix your own colors. It's pretty easy once you learn just a few things.

    You can just tinker with a color you buy to change it darker/lighter or more of a tone/shade/tint, or you can actually begin with a pure version of red, blue, and yellow paint, then mix almost any color you want (with the addition of white or black when needed).

    There are lots of places online that show you how to mix your own colors of pigment, but you can also find info on doing that on the *Color* page of my site (we mix colors of polymer clay to make new colors just like you'd mix paint pigments), and that page will also have links you can use:


    Check out at least these categories there:

    ...Color Wheels

    ...Mixing Your Own Palette

    ...Recipes & Combos


    Diane B.

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  • 4 years ago

    I've painted many outside work of art in New Mexico and beleive it or no longer I use constant apartment painters acrylic (semi-gloss or flat latex). This paint does not require an over coat, may also be combined for extra colours and lasts alongside time. Sometimes you'll purchase it low cost from hardware retail outlets that experience had paint lower back. I have even determined partial cans in thrift retail outlets and storage earnings. Sometimes peers have given me their leftovers from residence decor tasks.

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